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9 minute read
| September 7, 2023

Diving in to Day 2 Ops, Stateful Apps, & more with Kubernetes Experts

We had so many great questions about Kubernetes in the Enterprise in our recent Cloud Native Now webinar that I wanted to share more of the discussion. Mike Vizard, Chief... Read More
6 minute read
| September 5, 2023

Pluto Finds Deprecated Kubernetes API Versions — 3 Questions from Users

Pluto is an open source utility that Fairwinds built to help users find deprecated Kubernetes API versions in their code repositories and Helm releases. As many Kubernetes... Read More
4 minute read
| August 31, 2023

Get the Help You Need, Wherever You Are in Your Kubernetes Journey

Just as Kubernetes itself has grown and evolved, so has Fairwinds. For the last five years, I've been involved in delivering Kubernetes infrastructure to our customers in a... Read More
3 minute read
| August 29, 2023

Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 13.3-13.8 — the Latest Cost Updates

This month we’re happy to share some updates in Fairwinds Insights related to network and storage costs as well as other improvements and bug fixes. Read More
7 minute read
| August 24, 2023

What Not to Monitor and What Not to Alert On in Kubernetes

Kubernetes, the de-facto container orchestrator, offers considerable flexibility and power. But monitoring every single thing in Kubernetes can become overwhelming quickly!... Read More
4 minute read
| August 18, 2023

KubeCrash Fall 2023: Multi-Cluster Deployments at Enterprise Scale

With KubeCon approaching fast (yes, November will be here before we know it), we’ve been preparing for KubeCrash, your cloud native warm-up! Read More
9 minute read
| August 17, 2023

Kubernetes in the Enterprise: Your Questions Answered

Recently, I joined an in-depth discussion about the state of Kubernetes in the Enterprise, courtesy ofCloud Native Now, bringing in the expertise from practitioners in the... Read More
4 minute read
| August 16, 2023

Fairwinds Named a Cool Vendor in the Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Container Management

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that Fairwinds has been named in the 2023 Gartner Cool Vendor™ in Container Management report! We believe this is an honor for the... Read More
6 minute read
| August 10, 2023

Nova Contributors: Help Us Scan YAML templates and Ignore Non-Stable Versions

Nova is an open source project that makes it easy for you to scan your cluster for installed Helm charts, then it cross-checks them against all known Helm repositories. If it... Read More
10 minute read
| August 8, 2023

Kubernetes Governance & the Top 5 Best Practices of K8s Deployment

The widespread adoption of containerized applications has fundamentally changed how organizations develop, deploy, and manage their software infrastructure. Kubernetes is... Read More
8 minute read
| August 3, 2023

Upload Polaris Findings to Fairwinds Insights to Access More Capabilities

Kubernetes is increasingly becoming mainstream, the industry standard for next-generation workloads and digital transformation. In 2022, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation... Read More
10 minute read
| August 1, 2023

How & Why You Should Install the Admission Controller in Insights

In the world of containerized everything, Kubernetes has emerged as a platform to automate the process of deployment, scaling, and management of these applications and... Read More