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Upgrade From Fairwinds Polaris To Fairwinds Insights

Check out the table below to see the additional features you get with an upgrade.

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Fairwinds Insights helps you go beyond workload configuration. It's software that automates and monitors Kubernetes best practices to ensure security, cost-savings and reliability.  If you'd like to:

  • Manage Polaris across a fleet of clusters
  • Track findings over time
  • Send results to services like Slack and Datadog
  • Automate deployment guardrails and security best practices through Open Policy Agent (OPA)
  • Integrate seamlessly with admission controller and CICD pipeline
  • Add additional checks from tools like Trivy and Goldilocks

Check out the table below and see the additional features you get with an upgrade.

Fairwinds Polaris


Fairwinds Insights


Security Privileges 
Health Checks
Networking Checks
Resource Request
Image Tag Checks
CI/CD Integration
Open Policy Agent (OPA) Support
Multi-cluster Admission Controller
Multi-cluster Visibility
Container Security Image Scanning
Cluster Security Scanning
RBAC Auditing
Workload Optimization
Remediation Advice
Technical Support
Add-on Monitoring
Team Management
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