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Kubernetes Cost Optimization

Automate cost attribution and cloud resources tuning
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Easily estimate how much is being spent and how much could be saved on Kubernetes workloads

Fairwind Insights offers recommendations to increase efficiency of Kubernetes compute resources.

On average, customers save 36% on cloud spend with Fairwinds Insights.

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Run Kubernetes efficiently

Fairwinds Insights provides visibility across your entire cluster's efficiency. Identify where money can be saved or prove that Kubernetes is running cost-effectively.


Gain visibility

Dig into application resources and historical usage to discover unknowns. Adjust settings to increase efficiency of Kubernetes.


Monitor Kubernetes cost

Evaluate individual applications and find opportunities to reduce costs without impacting application performance.


Kubernetes billing accuracy for AWS

Use your actual AWS cloud bill to calculate Kubernetes costs by workload, namespace or label. This integration goes deeper than traditional cloud cost tools to provide accurate, usage-based cost data across multiple business dimensions. DevOps teams can satisfy the needs of service owners and finance without questioning the underlying node pricing assumptions.


Allocate cost by namespace or label

Allocate and group cost estimates by namespace or labeling, making it easier for reports to align to business context.


Optimize resources

Insights monitors CPU and memory usage to provide recommendations on resource limits and requests. Maximize the efficiency of CPU and memory utilization for your Kubernetes workloads.

A Winning Combination: Optimize Compute & Secure Kubernetes

By combining security and policy enforcement with cost optimization, Fairwinds Insights provides a powerful platform for teams to manage Kubernetes across the organization.

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