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Optimize Kubernetes Cost by Right-sizing Application Resources

Fairwind Insights monitors costs and offers recommendations to increase efficiency of Kubernetes compute resources.



One view into Kubernetes costs



Cost alignment across teams



Eliminate Kubernetes cost waste

“Understanding our cluster size is an important part of pricing our solutions correctly. Using Fairwinds Insights, we are able to right-size our nodes, helping to reduce our cost by 25%. ”

Glen Zangirolami – Principal DevOps Architect at Decisio Health

Optimize Kubernetes Cost Across Multiple Clusters

Better understand which clusters are over or under provisioned.

Workload Cost Allocation Allocate and group cost estimates by namespace or labeling, making it easier for reports to align to business context.
K8s Cost Optimization Evaluate individual applications and find opportunities to reduce costs without impacting application performance.
Rightsizing Advice Maximize the efficiency of CPU and memory utilization for your Kubernetes workloads with monitoring and advice on resource limits and requests.
Kubernetes Cost Showback Report Kubernetes usage costs to finance teams, allocate to developers and track savings over time.
Multi-Cluster Cost and Usage Get a breakdown of cluster capacity and usage. Understand how much is spent on idle capacity, shared vs. app-specific resources, and effective node scaling.

Cloud Billing Integration

Use your actual AWS cloud bill to calculate Kubernetes costs by workload, namespace or label. This integration goes deeper than traditional cloud cost tools to provide accurate, usage-based cost data across multiple business dimensions. DevOps teams can satisfy the needs of service owners and finance without questioning the underlying node pricing assumptions.

Quality of Service Controls

Let Dev and Ops teams collaborate on application right-sizing, giving purpose-built recommendations that eliminate guesswork and drive better workload efficiency and performance.


Embrace the FinOps Framework

Achieve the benefits of a FinOps framework and make Kubernetes financial management possible with Fairwinds Insights.



Enables teams to take ownership of Kubernetes cloud usage.



Make decisions based on Kubernetes and cloud value.



Take advantage of Kubernetes autoscale and the cloud cost model.

A Winning Combination: Optimize Cost & Secure Kubernetes

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