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Accelerate Your EKS Journey - Secure, Stable, Simple

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Managing Kubernetes can be challenging and requires specialized training. Fairwinds brings down that barrier to entry with our white-glove Kubernetes managed services.

Whether you need a roll out a service or application in Kubernetes, or just want to set up a POV / POC for EKS, our expert Kubernetes SREs can help. We'll stand up a production-grade EKS cluster, equip it with best-in-class tooling and add-ons, and create a paved road to make moving workloads seamless. 

We simplify onboarding, remove pain points and accelerate your EKS journey with our people-led service. Let us help you increase speed to production - leveraging automation for repeatability and predictability, with enterprise grade security and resiliency.

Step 1: Kubernetes Cluster

A production-grade Kubernetes cluster, purpose-built to show off the power of EKS for your business.

Step 2: Add-Ons & Tooling

Best-in-class tooling and add-ons deployed with GitOps to expand the flexibility, security, and reliability of K8s. 

Step 3: Workload Onboarding

A paved-road process makes moving workloads seamless.

Step 4: Expansion Bundles

Options for expanding your EKS footprint, including full-service 24/7 pager, upgrades, and CVE handling - so you can focus on your business and your team can sleep through the night. 


3 Months; $40K
Production-grade EKS cluster & suite of add-ons
Application onboarding and pipeline support
Weekly syncs with K8s experts
Shared Slack channel regular support
Following Kickstart, we can expand your EKS footprint and create an ongoing management relationship. Starts at $10K/cluster/month; discounts for cluster packages
A team of EKS/K8s experts handling everything - daily management, pager, upgrades, CVEs, etc.
24/7 monitoring and incident response
Production/pre-production clusters managed as Infrastructure as Code; cluster add-ons such as ingress controllers, monitoring tools, and more
Regular syncs with our EKS/K8s experts & shared Slack channel & ticketing system for regular support
Options for custom management tooling, add-ons, and setup, workload cost-optimization, label enforcement, policy workshops

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