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Goldilocks: Just Right Kubernetes Resource Requests

Start Setting Resource Requests and Limits Right

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Getting Kubernetes resource requests and limits just right is an ongoing challenge. The Fairwinds' open source tool, Goldilocks, is a utility that can help you identify a starting point for resource requests and limits. 


Compare the Goldilocks open source tool with Fairwinds Insights.

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Goldilocks Open Source


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Fairwinds Insights


Available in Fairwinds Insights

Requests and limits recommendations
Multiple controllers
30 days of usage metrics per workload
30s usage sampling intervals

Quality of Service (QoS) recommendations

Cost allocation by any Kubernetes concept (workload, kind, namespace, labels, etc.)

Multi-cluster aggregation

Cost metrics hosted via SaaS

13 months metrics retention

AWS billing integration

Expert-driven node recommendation service

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Fairwinds Goldilocks

  • Requests and limits recommendations
  • Multiple controller support

Fairwinds Insights

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  • Requests and limits recommendations
  • Multiple controller support
  • Prometheus support with 2 weeks of usage metrics
  • Quality of Service (QoS) recommendations
  • Kubernetes cost allocation by workload, namespace, and label
  • AWS billing integration
  • Open Policy Agent (OPA) Support
  • Multi-cluster Admission Controller
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