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Kubernetes Done Right

Fairwinds Insights, security, policy and governance software, backed by a suite of services and open source tools

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Continuous Security & Governance, Made for Kubernetes

Fairwinds helps you ship cloud native applications faster, more cost effectively and with less risk. With years of experience and thousands of customer production deployments, we built Fairwinds Insights software to help you gain confidence that your Kubernetes applications are done right. Gain peace of mind and sleep well.

Backed By Services and Open Source

Fairwinds Insights was purpose-built to address problems we saw with Kubernetes security, efficiency and reliability. We operationalized leading open source tools including Polaris, Goldilocks and Trivy to help overhead associated with installing, maintaining and updating disparate open source tools across multiple clusters.

What’s Your Kubernetes Maturity?

The Kubernetes Maturity Model exists to help you identify where you are in your journey to cloud native. Self-identify what stage you are in, understand gaps in your environment and gain insights into enhancing and improving your Kubernetes stack.

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