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Fairwinds provides expertly-managed kubernetes and cloud native infrastructure leveraging containers. We build and maintain reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters using a combination of open source technology, automation, best practices and expertise. Our mission is to help software teams develop, test, and deploy their products faster and more reliably.


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Fully Managed Kubernetes

With ClusterOps, our team of experts is there to build your Kubernetes-based infrastructure right the first time. And with around the clock support and management, we'll solve problems before they arise.

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Training and Advisory

Whether you need help building an automated CI/CD pipeline, customized training for your team, or are working through complex Kubernetes problems, our engineers are there to guide you along the way.

How We Can Help

It's exciting to see how Fairwinds is leveraging its investment in Google Cloud to differentiate its business and bring thoughtful solutions to market. Specialization is key to their strategy. Fairwinds knows that Specializations signal customers and our sales teams that they bring a deeper level of commitment and an unrivaled set of skills to the market.

Nina Harding | Chief of Global Partner Programs & Strategy, Google Cloud

It is worth it to us to spend the money on a team that is very knowledgable and is there when we need them. They are truly what make me feel comfortable getting to go on vacation once in a while.

Marc Leglise | Engineering Manager, MuirSkate

[The Fairwinds Engineer] brought a wealth of expertise from the world of AWS to what I had in mind and told me, ‘I see what you're doing here, but what you're thinking limits you, here’s how to do it so you don't encounter those limits.’ She refined them and cut them down to their ideal state.

Alan Norton | Software Architect & Engineer, Betterment

The architectural decisions that we collaborated on in the beginning have held up for years, and have allowed us to focus on new features instead of redoing existing work in infrastructure to get to the next level.

Bobby Uhlenbrock | CTO, Everything But the House

Working with [Fairwinds] is a no-brainer for companies wanting to implement DevOps quickly and effectively. You get an entire team of pro Kubernetes DevOps engineers for the price of one DevOps employee.

Bailey Miller | Sr. Software Engineer, zyBooks

[Fairwinds] provides you with an entire team of knowledgeable experts – yet it’s more cost effective than an in-house operations hire.

Grant Ammons | VP Engineering, PipelineDeals

[Fairwinds] has enabled us to reposition and strengthen our infrastructure. Now our infrastructure is more scalable, more reliable and more secure, and the operational burden is off our shoulders.

Charlie McConnell | Senior DevOps Engineer, Boxed

[Fairwinds] has enabled us to reposition and strengthen our infrastructure. Now our infrastructure is more scalable, more reliable and more secure, and the operational burden is off our shoulders.

Ilan Goodman | CTO, Park Assist

[Fairwinds] has assisted us with filling the gaps in our team so we can shore up technology debt, has brought additional value in knowledge transfer and has been a critical piece of our monitoring solution for 24/7 coverage.

Dane Frazier | DevOps Manager, icitizen

In the past, we did as much firefighting as product design and innovation. [Fairwinds] changed all that. From the start, [Fairwinds]’s service and responsiveness have been phenomenal. We’re impressed.

Michael Tuszynski | CTO, Fandor

The Journey from Heroku to Kubernetes in 5 Steps- Webinar

Join the Fairwinds Team as we discuss how we migrate clients from Heroku to Kubernetes. We'll also cover key considerations when making the transition.

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