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Fairwinds Insights Features

Enable developers, gain visibility, manage multiple users and teams and standardize configurations.
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Kubernetes Cost Optimization

Estimate how much is being spent and could be saved.

  • Workload/node/cluster cost allocation
  • Advice on CPU and memory settings
  • Resource recommendations
  • Track spend over time
  • AWS billing integration

Kubernetes Governance

Enable self-service and achieve compliance with Kubernetes guardrails.

  • Policy library
  • Policy-as-Code automation (write once, deploy everywhere)
  • Custom policies via Open Policy Agent (OPA)
  • Multi-cluster visibility into compliance
  • CIS Benchmark
  • Compliance Self-Assessment for SOC 2
  • Compliance recommendations

Shift-Left Kubernetes Security

  • Infrastructure-as-code scanning
  • Container vulnerability scanning
  • Runtime monitoring
  • Auto-Scan Infrastructure-as-Code to support GitOps
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Third party image upgrade recommendations
  • Falco support
  • Vulnerability explorer

Customer Success

Your success is our success. We help you onboard with Insights and make the most of the platform.

  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Technical account manager & support
  • Remediation services

Fairwinds Integrates with the tools and open source your team already uses and loves.

Integrate with your ticketing systems, CI/CD pipelines, workflows and operationalize open source at scale.

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