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Kubernetes Governance and Compliance

Govern Kubernetes compliance and security with Fairwinds Insights
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Automate Kubernetes compliance

The dynamic nature of Kubernetes can create problems when organizations try to implement governance and compliance. It can be difficult to identify if your guardrails are being followed in development or when a container no longer complies in production. Fairwinds Insights helps managers responsible for governance and compliance automate, monitor and enforce policy guardrails.

Govern Kubernetes security, reliability and efficiency

Fairwinds Insights allows you to define Kubernetes policy and enforce configuration best practices and compliance rules across all clusters from a single control plane. You gain peace of mind knowing that Kubernetes is done right across multiple teams and clusters.

Empower Ops teams and benefit from cross-engineering consistency with the software to inspect and apply Kubernetes best practices uniformly via out-of-the-box policies. Pinpoint errors that lead to security and compliance events, downtime, and cost overruns.


Shift left security & compliance

Ensure your dev teams are building with security and compliance in mind. Multi-cluster configuration validations provide visibility into what's happening across your clusters and enforce compliance policies. Demonstrate your compliance with SOC 2 and CIS benchmark best practices. 

Enable an audit of your role-based access controls (RBAC) to deliver least privilege access.

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Reliability guardrails

Kubernetes’ health checks, self-healing and monitoring capabilities have to be configured properly. Fairwinds Insights validates that configurations are implemented and managed correctly from Git all the way through to deployment.

Fairwinds Insights’ built-in workflows, notifications, and integrations with tools like Slack enables platform teams to apply Kubernetes best practices while moving applications from development to production.

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Control cost

Gain visibility into the efficiency of your clusters to govern costs. Evaluate individual applications and find opportunities to reduce costs without impacting application performance.

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See how Fairwinds Insights automates Kubernetes compliance

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