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Cloud Native Service Ownership

Make “Code it, Ship it, Own it” possible for development teams
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Enable True DevOps Service Ownership in Your Cloud Native Journey

Fairwinds Insights arms your DevOps team with visibility into your Kubernetes environment. Gain a dashboard view of your clusters, understand misconfigurations causing security and compliance risks, and save time managing vulnerabilities.

Fairwinds Insights helps teams identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and assign ownership to the person or team responsible for remediation.


Ticketing integration

Integrate Fairwinds Insights with Jira and GitHub so DevOps teams can plan, track, and manage Kubernetes cluster misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Assign ownership and track progress.

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Policy enforcement

Enforce your internal and external policies with Fairwinds Insights and track compliance to enable service ownership, minimize security and risk, and optimize spend.

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Shift-left security

Integrate into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure service owners are coding and shipping services that comply with security and Kubernetes best practices. Monitor remediation.

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Vulnerability management

Identify new vulnerabilities as they are disclosed and easily set tasks for service owners to remediate them. Plan, track and manage remediation. Prevent known vulnerabilities from slipping back into production.

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Gain continuous visibility into your Kubernetes and enable service ownership

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