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Fairwinds Insights

Software for platform teams running Kubernetes to enable development
Overview Features Guardrails Cost Optimization Dev Enablement Compliance Security Documentation

FinOps Governance for Kubernetes

Manage costs, right-size containers, and fix misconfigurations across multiple clusters and teams.

Drive Kubernetes Visibility Efficiency

Avoid becoming a Kubernetes helpdesk by empowering developers to ship faster and avoid problems.


Reduce Cluster Costs by 30%

Rightsize containers to reduce Kubernetes costs by 30% or more.


25% Time Savings

Automate Kubernetes cluster review and remediation to save up to 25% of operations and development time.


Fix 45% of Problems Immediately

Make it easy for developers to adhere to policies by automating fixes before reaching production.

Manage and Reduce Costs

Gain visibility into Kubernetes spend across multiple clusters without managing long term metrics. Allocate cost by label, namespace, container, and more so you can easily prioritize cost saving opportunities. 


Empower Engineers to Take Action

Fairwinds’ unique Shift-left integrations enable developers to identify configurations that lead to wasted compute. Resource recommendations appear directly in developer Pull Requests – surfacing up valuable FinOps and Kubernetes best practices before they are released.


Save Time Ship Faster

Avoid manual work by leveraging Auto-fix Pull Requests to remediate 45% of findings. Use Automated Workload Right-sizer to dynamically adjust resources in the cluster – saving time coordinating across teams, while also maximizing resource efficiency.


Standardize on Kubernetes Best Practices

Fairwinds provides a library of 200+ policies for Kubernetes security, efficiency, and reliability best practices. Use these policies to audit existing cluster resources, enforce standards at time of admission, or fix issues when developers create Pull Requests.


What customers are saying about Fairwinds

“Using Fairwinds Insights recommendations, we saved 30% of our cloud bill annually.”

CTO, SME Organization

“Fairwinds Insights saves the platform team one to two weeks of work -- and developers even more time. We've gone from a manual process over weeks, to a fully automated process, saving significant time and resources.”

Viban Daniel –Manager, Platform Engineering, Variant

Integrate with the Development Tools Your Teams Love

Fairwinds Insights supports your favorite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

The Cost To Fix Kubernetes Misconfigurations

When you increase development velocity, one major drawback emerges: the cost to repair defects. Just as problems with code are expensive to fix, so too are Kubernetes misconfigurations. Fairwinds enables platform teams to reduce time spent in code review by enforcing policy throughout the development lifecycle: from pull request to production.

$ 0

Cost to fix in coding

$ 0

Cost to fix at time of Git pull request

$ 0

Cost to fix in production

Create safe, cost effective and reliable Kubernetes infrastructure

Build your Kubernetes platform and add Fairwinds Insights to help you enable development to do the right thing.

Develop With Kubernetes Guardrails 100+ built-in policies and a library of OPA templates to help identify Kubernetes misconfigurations. Guardrails shift left to the CI/CD pipeline preventing security and configuration issues from reaching production. Take me there
Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities and Blindspots Continuously monitor multiple clusters to pinpoint and prioritize risk. Gain actionable remediation advice and status tracking. Take me there
Monitor and Optimize Kubernetes Cost Rightsize workloads based on actual usage to avoid hours of trial and error. Increase the efficiency of Kubernetes compute resources to save on cloud spend. Take me there
Equip Developers to Fix Issues Empower dev teams to own security, performance and cost configurations in their applications. Take me there
Achieve Compliance Faster Adopt a platform that makes the Kubernetes compliance scope easy to understand and implement. Take me there

“We don’t necessarily want the development teams to know about compliance and security, we want to make it easy to do the right thing without blocking productivity. That's why we use Fairwinds Insights.”

Tristan Bates, PagerDuty