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Continuous Visibility for Kubernetes Workloads

Fairwinds Insights optimizes and protects your mission-critical Kubernetes workloads.

We integrate trusted tools, collaboration workflows, and expertise into a single monitoring platform, so workloads always stay secure, reliable, and efficient.

Why Fairwinds Insights


Validate your Kubernetes configuration

Fairwinds integrates trusted open source tools that enable your team with best practices and keep Kubernetes infrastructure secure, efficient, and reliable.


Save time collaborating across teams

Reduce cycle time and increase development velocity with built-in collaboration tools, notifications, workflows, and findings lifecycle management.


Reduce risk

Get visibility into your Kubernetes security posture by auditing workloads for weaknesses, container vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Improve uptime and efficiency

Improve uptime and efficiency

Fairwinds Insights helps engineers avoid trial-and-error by recommending CPU and memory settings for deployments, which helps teams optimize compute resources, scale workloads, and manage capacity.

Learn how Fairwinds Insights can help your team

Fairwinds Insights has made it much easier for us to plan infrastructure improvements. The platform allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the health and performance of our clusters, trace down problematic configuration affecting our workloads, and strengthen our security posture. All from a clean, centralized interface.

Dominic O'Kane | Senior Cloud Engineer, Sidecar