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Continuous Visibility for Cloud Native Infrastructure

A multi-point inspection for your Kubernetes environment


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Fairwinds Insights Brings Visibility to Your Clusters

Fairwinds Insights is an Open Source as a Service platform, integrating best-of-breed Kubernetes auditing tools that improve cluster security, workload reliability, and engineering productivity.


Benefits of Fairwinds Insights


Save time adopting the best Open Source

The platform is an extensible framework to operationalize great open source tools that you know you need to run, but haven’t had time to research, learn, and deploy. Best of all, the platform provides an API for integrating other tools.


Secure your clusters

The platform centralizes a set of action items from multiple of tools, enabling DevOps leaders to prioritize updates that put clusters at risk from unpatched CVEs, permissive pod configurations, or poorly configured resource limits.


Scale workloads reliably

Scaling workloads reliably is just as important as cluster security. Fairwinds Insights helps engineers avoid trial-and-error by recommending CPU and memory settings for deployments.


Catch problems before release

When Fairwinds Insights runs in staging, engineers can catch issues at the critical hand-off point between development and operations.

How it works

A curated suite of open source is installed with a single deployment

The Fairwinds Insight agent will install multiple open source tools, and manage the full lifecycle of installing, running, and upgrading each one.
Data is automatically transformed, normalized, analyzed

Fairwinds Insights will transform and normalize the data from each tool so it can be enriched and analyzed by the Fairwinds Insights platform.
Recommendations are grouped and prioritized

Fairwinds Insights publishes powerful list of recommendations, organized by security, reliability and efficiency. Findings are tracked over time and automatically resolved when changes are made.
Learn how Fairwinds Insights can help your team

Fairwinds Insights Features


Deploy great Kubernetes tools with ease

Fairwinds Insights enables DevOps leaders to operationalize multiple open source tools with a single deployment. 

Multi-cluster visibility

Spot problems across your fleet of clusters and take immediate action to prioritize changes.

Prioritized recommendations and insights

The platform integrates data from multiple tools, for all clusters. All findings are normalized, prioritized, and enriched with additional metadata.

Kubernetes CVE Archive

Find out about the latest CVEs affecting Kubernetes in a single location. Each report includes specific guidance from Fairwinds experts.

Fairwinds Insights has made it much easier for us to plan infrastructure improvements. The platform allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the health and performance of our clusters, trace down problematic configuration affecting our workloads, and strengthen our security posture. All from a clean, centralized interface.

Dominic O'Kane | Senior Cloud Engineer, Sidecar

Learn how Fairwinds Insights can help your team
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Fairwinds Insights is an Open Source as a Service platform for DevOps teams who manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and need visibility into potential problems.

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