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Fairwinds Insights

Software to simplify Kubernetes chaos and enable developer self-service to achieve production-readiness faster
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Guardrails and Governance Software to Simplify Kubernetes Complexity and Reduce Risk

The Fairwinds Insights platform provides multi-cluster visibility into your Kubernetes clusters so you can ensure applications are configured for scale, reliability, resource efficiency and security. Realize the full potential of Kubernetes by enabling developers to focus on development and delivery.

Bridge the gap between dev, sec and ops by providing consistency across teams and clusters for identifying and remediating Kubernetes security risk. 

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Shift Left Guardrails and Governance into CI/CD Pipelines

Fairwinds Insights tightly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline. DevOps teams can prevent misconfigurations throughout CI/CD and provide remediation advice to developers, free from manual intervention. Developers are free to develop with safety nets in place. 

Identify risk early. Fix fast. Gain peace of mind.

Fairwinds Insights Overview

Kubernetes-Native Governance

Insights is a complete platform that offers cost optimization advice, security alerting, guardrails and compliance findings. The platform doesn’t get in the way of your development life cycle, instead it speeds it up by offering a path for turning chaos into success.

Get continuous scanning and runtime monitoring of your Kubernetes environment.  

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Provide Kubernetes Guardrails

As your teams build and deploy at speed, you need the right guardrails in place. 

Fairwinds Insights comes with more than 100 built-in policies, as well as a library of OPA templates to identify configuration violations. Leverage policy as code to create, automate, monitor and enforce your policies. Integrated throughout your CI/CD pipeline, prevent risk by catching security and configuration issues in your containers, as well as in your deployment code.

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Automate Kubernetes and container security

Kubernetes is not secure by default, requiring teams to monitor and patch security vulnerabilities in infrastructure and applications.

Fairwinds Insights continuously monitors multiple clusters against security configurations to reduce risk and ensure best practices are followed. Insights pinpoints your container and Kubernetes risks, prioritizes risks, provides remediation guidance and status tracking. 

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Optimize compute resources

Increase the efficiency of Kubernetes compute resources to save you money in the cloud or capacity in the data center.

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Govern compliance

Govern your builds against SOC 2 and CIS benchmarks. Identify where containers and Kubernetes misconfigurations are in breach of compliance mandates. Audit access controls to help your teams enforce least privilege access policies. 

Gain visibility across multiple clusters with the ability to inspect and apply governance consistently. Reduce risk, eliminate downtime and optimize costs.

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See how Fairwinds Insights reduces your Kubernetes risk

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