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Kubernetes Benchmark Report 2023: Security, Cost and Reliability Workload Results

See how your Kubernetes workloads compare to other organizations

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The Kubernetes Benchmark Report 2023 evaluates results from over 100,000 workloads. The report serves as a tool for Kubernetes users to benchmark their clusters against reliability, security and cost efficiency.

Things are getting worse, not better. 

Over the last year, the benchmark data shows that people are not configuring Kubernetes according to best practices. 

Compare yourself to the industry.

Use this report to understand your cluster deficiencies, where to make investments and how to configure Kubernetes to have a positive business impact. 

We need to do better.

We need to employ Kubernetes governance and guardrails to ensure that whether you are developing with cloud native technologies or on the DevOps and platform engineering team building the infrastructure, the platform is secure, highly performant and cost effective. Otherwise, the benefits of the investment in container and Kubernetes technology will never be fully realized by the business, nor will the leaders of your organization understand the full value it can bring. 

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