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Polaris by Fairwinds

Polaris is an open source project that identifies Kubernetes deployment configuration errors. Polaris runs over a dozen different checks to help users discover Kubernetes misconfigurations that frequently cause security vulnerabilities, outages, scaling limitations and more. Using Polaris, you can avoid problems and ensure you’re using Kubernetes best practices.

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Polaris improves Kubernetes deployments

Operationalize Polaris with Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds has combined Polaris with other trusted open source tools, toolchain integrations, and SRE expertise based on hundreds of successful Kubernetes deployments to deliver Fairwinds Insights, a configuration validation platform.
Fairwinds Insights operationalizes Polaris checks by providing not only the findings, but also keeping a historical record of the results across all your clusters and offering remediation guidance. Fairwinds Insights allows you to track and prioritize security, efficiency and reliability issues, collaborate across teams, and apply best practices as applications move from development to production. Fairwinds Insights will help you improve your security posture, reduce costs, save time and improve workload reliability.
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Fairwinds Polaris


Fairwinds Insights


Security Privileges
Health Checks
Networking Checks
Resource Request
Image Tag Checks
CI/CD Integration
Open Policy Agent (OPA) Support
Admission Controller
Multi-cluster Visibility
Container Security Image Scanning
Cluster Security Scanning
RBAC Auditing
Workload Optimization
Remediation Advice
Technical Support
Add-on Monitoring
Team Management
Trust is Earned
We know the value our team provides, but we also know trust is earned. Read case studies from some of the customers that love Fairwinds.

Fairwinds has saved us time and money by providing expert cloud services guidance, consulting, and implementation.

Arun Jacob | Senior VP, Software

Fairwinds Insights is within a suite of products that helps me to sleep better at night…It’s a thing I’m not having to actively monitor, because I know if something goes wrong, I’m going to get notified about it.

Robbie Trencheny | Head of Infrastructure

With Fairwinds, we get a team that has different Kubernetes expertise, and is able to set up infrastructure in a way that is immediately effective.

Beau Button | CTO, President and Co-founder

Polaris FAQs

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