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Polaris by Fairwinds

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Open Source Policy Engine for Kubernetes

Validate and remediate Kubernetes resources to ensure configuration best practices are followed.


30+ Built in Policies

Includes 30+ built in configuration policies.



Write custom policies using an intuitive JSON syntax.


Automate Fixes

Automatically remediate any issues based on policy criteria.

Kubernetes Policy Management

Ensure configuration best practices are followed.


Operationalize Polaris with Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds has combined Polaris with other trusted open source tools, toolchain integrations, and SRE expertise based on hundreds of successful Kubernetes deployments to deliver Fairwinds Insights, software for platform engineers to enable developers. 
Fairwinds Insights provides Polaris findings and keeps a historical record of the results across all your clusters and offering remediation guidance. Fairwinds Insights allows you to track and prioritize security, efficiency and reliability issues, collaborate across teams, and apply best practices as applications move from development to production. Fairwinds Insights will help you improve your security posture, reduce costs, save time and improve workload reliability.
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Fairwinds Polaris


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Fairwinds Insights


Available in Fairwinds Insights

Dozens of pre-loaded security, efficiency, and reliability best practices

Reporting dashboard

Admission Controller

Mutation support

Run IaC scans in CI/CD
Custom policies
Fix IaC files locally

Automated Fix PRs

Auto-Scan: Fully managed, on-demand IaC scanning

Federate policies across multiple clusters

Deprecated API checks
GitHub comments
Slack notifications
Open Policy Agent (OPA) support

Policy writing services

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Polaris FAQs

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