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Validate Kubernetes Deployments

Fairwinds helps you navigate and accelerate your Kubernetes deployment strategy. Our latest product is called Polaris, a new open-source project that looks for configuration issues that can affect stability, reliability, scalability, and security.
Think of Polaris as a fitness tracker for your Kubernetes clusters.
Polaris is available as open source on GitHub or as a service.
Polaris Snapshot
  • 1 cluster
  • 1 point-in-time scan
  • 90 day data retention
  • Community support
  • Powered by Fairwinds Polaris open source
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Enterprise Platform
  • Unlimited clusters
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scans
  • Multi-cluster reporting
  • Delta reporting
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Kubernetes CVE monitoring
  • Kubernetes security scanning
  • Kubernetes cost reporting
  • Cost optimizations and recommendations
  • Knowledge base
  • Slack-based support
  • Customer Success Manager
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Insurance for your Kubernetes deployments

Polaris runs a variety of checks to ensure your Kubernetes deployment strategy is configured using best practices. It presents a built-in dashboard that scores your cluster’s health and provides detailed reports for each individual workload. This measures cluster performance vs industry Kubernetes standards, and helps your team debug problems when they arise. Polaris manages your deployment infrastructure so you can do what you do best: build great products.

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Built-in Security

Polaris puts security first and checks to ensure your pods are configured with recommended Security Context, Security Capabilities, and Privileges. Polaris will verify that pods are not running as root and are not running as privileged, as well as several other checks. As with all other Polaris checks, these are fully configurable

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Get healthy, stay healthy

One of the defining characteristics of Polaris is the Validating Webhook, which can help you ensure that the configurations being pushed conform to your organization’s standards. If you choose to run the webhook server, anytime someone runs kubectl apply , Polaris will reject any configuration that triggers an error.

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Customize and configure

Organizations come in all shapes and sizes. It’s possible that the default set of best practices we’ve selected don’t work well for your team - they might be too strict or too lenient, depending on the context. To address this, you can disable any Polaris check, change its severity, or configure its parameters (for example, you may want to raise the maximum amount of memory a workload can request). Use Polaris to define your own organization’s standards for Kubernetes deployment strategy best practices.

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