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Kubernetes Security

Secure Kubernetes and containers with continuous security monitoring
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

The Single Source for Kubernetes Security and Best Practice Collaboration 

Teams work better when they leverage the same data source. Fairwinds Insights unites security and DevOps by providing consistency for identifying and remediating Kubernetes security risk.

Insights enforces security across your entire Kubernetes lifecycle.


Configuration validation

With multiple teams working across multiple clusters, Insights provides visibility into your Kubernetes security configurations. The software continuously scans clusters to identify image, container, cluster and Kubernetes misconfigurations. Integrated into your CI/CD pipeline, Insights prevents configuration mistakes from entering production and putting you at risk.


Vulnerability scanning & management

Fairwinds Insights delivers container runtime monitoring, as well as integrations in the CI/CD process. Insights tracks known vulnerabilities in containers, prioritizes findings by severity and gives important guidance to developers and compliance teams around where to focus remediation first.

Integrate with ticketing and assignment workflows for status tracking of vulnerability remediation.


Container scanning

Fairwinds Insights proactively scans Docker image layers in CI/CD and production against CVEs. Get alerts via the Slack integration with Actions Items for any images with known vulnerabilities.


Least privilege access controls

Gain visibility into access controls implemented across Kubernetes. Ensure your role-based access controls (RBAC) are implemented properly to enforce least privilege access.


Git repository scanning

By integrating into your CI/CD, Insights will pull from your Git repository and scan against Kubernetes security best practices.

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