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Kubernetes Security

Secure Kubernetes and containers with continuous monitoring
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Eliminate Kubernetes Security Vulnerabilities and Blindspots

Fairwinds Insights’ continuous Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) security scanning helps DevSecOps make Kubernetes and containers secure.


Automate Security at Scale

Scan multi-cluster environments against Kubernetes security best practices. Gain visibility and ensure consistent security across multiple teams, clusters and tenancies.


Integrate Shift-left Security

Run security validation checks from development through production. Configure Insights to show warnings or prevent development merges based on risky misconfigurations.


Reduce Risk Faster

Prioritize security risks based on severity and category for your team. Use time wisely with a prioritized approach to remediating vulnerabilities.

Steps to Meeting NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guidelines

Learn how to comply with NSA’s recommendations using Fairwinds Insights, open source and cloud native technologies.


The Single Source for Kubernetes Security and Best Practice Collaboration

Teams work better when they leverage the same data source. Fairwinds Insights facilitates DevSecOps by providing consistency and enforcing security across the entire software development life cycle.

Container Vulnerability Scanning Integrate container runtime monitoring. Track known vulnerabilities, prioritize findings and give developers guidance on remediation. Integrate with ticketing and assignment workflows like PagerDuty, Jira, Slack or GitHub for status tracking.
Kubernetes Runtime Security Proactively protect containers and pods against active threats once running in production. Detect and prevent malicious activity from occurring in your containers.
NSA Hardening Checks Comply with the most important guidelines laid out in the NSA Kubernetes hardening technical report. Gain strong defense-in-depth to ward off attacks and minimize potential blast radius.
Secure Configuration / Pod Security Understand your Kubernetes security configurations and pod security better by continuously scanning clusters to identify image, container, cluster and Kubernetes misconfiguration issues. Integrate into your CI/CD pipeline to prevent configuration mistakes from entering production and creating risk.
Vulnerability Explorer Use Fairwinds Insights to identify the riskiest container images across your Kubernetes clusters, including recommended upgrade and remediation options.
Image Upgrade Recommendations Accelerate remediation by recommending newer versions of third-party images with fewer vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure-as-Code Scanning in CI/CD

Integrate Insights into CI/CD systems or GitHub directly and scan your Kubernetes manifests, like YAML and Helm Charts, against a library of best practices at every pull request.

Enable Secure GitOps

Ensure all GitOps-enabled workloads are deployed securely with Auto-Scan. Auto-Scan integrates with GitHub to automatically discover and scan Kubernetes manifests without requiring individual CI pipeline integration, saving time and money. Developers get immediate feedback on their IaC changes, enabling faster time to resolution.

Least Privilege Access Controls

Ensure role-based access controls (RBAC) are implemented properly to enforce least privilege access.


Fairwinds Integrates with Best-of-Breed Open Source Security Software

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