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Five Essential Tools for Kubernetes Security

Harden your clusters and increase Kubernetes security with these tools.

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Kubernetes helps teams balance between velocity and security and ensures developers can deploy freely without sacrificing important governance and risk controls.

It’s easy to think there aren't any problems when everything seems to be working, but this can cause governance and risk controls to go underutilized. Don’t wait for a DoS attack or a security breach to realize a Kubernetes deployment was misconfigured or that access control wasn’t properly scoped.

Download our paper to learn which 5 tools are essential for Kubernetes security. (Hint: Kubernetes Ingress Policy for DoS Protection is one of them)

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Security, Cost, Compliance and Guardrails in One Platform

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Develop With Kubernetes Guardrails 100+ built-in policies and a library of OPA templates help identify Kubernetes misconfigurations and prevent security and configuration issues from reaching production.
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Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities and Blindspots Continuously monitor multiple clusters to pinpoint and prioritize risk. Gain actionable remediation advice and status tracking.
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Monitor and Optimize Kubernetes Cost Rightsize workloads based on actual usage to avoid hours of trial and error. Increase the efficiency of Kubernetes compute resources to save on cloud spend.
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Equip Developers to Fix Issues Empower dev teams to own security, performance and cost configurations in their applications.
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Achieve Compliance Faster Adopt a platform that makes the Kubernetes compliance scope easy to understand and implement.