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Five Kubernetes Security Tools You Should use

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Kubernetes enables teams to strike a balance between velocity and security. It abstracts away just enough of the infrastructure layer to enable developers to deploy freely without sacrificing important governance and risk controls.

But all too often, those governance and risk controls go underutilized. Since everything is working, it’s easy to think that there aren’t any problems. It’s not until a DoS attack or a security breach that you realize a Kubernetes deployment was misconfigured or that access control wasn’t properly scoped.

Fortunately, Kubernetes has some great tools  for hardening your clusters. While there is no one way to handle security in Kubernetes, there are a minimum of five tools you should use to secure your clusters.

Here are the first three:

  • Kubernetes Ingress Policy for DoS Protection

  • RBAC

  • Network Policy

Download the paper to learn more.

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