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Kubernetes Advisory

Fairwinds Advisory integrates Kubernetes expertise and open source software so you can confidently run reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters

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Accelerate Your Kubernetes Journey with Fairwinds Advisory

Unlike expensive consultants who may not provide the scale or agility to meet your business needs, or pure-play software solutions that require staffing, expertise, and months of planning, Fairwinds offers human-to-human access to Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). Fairwinds’ SREs deliver a unique learning experience based on hundreds of successful production-grade Kubernetes deployments and years of open source software innovation and best practices.


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Avoid costly trial-and-error

Learn Kubernetes without risking project delays or technical issues that block progress. Fairwinds Advisory clients save up to 40 hours per month, per engineer, by leveraging Fairwinds expertise and software during their Kubernetes journey.

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Accelerate time-to-market

Enable your engineering resources to stay focused on what matters most — your applications and services. Implement Kubernetes confidently without impacting product roadmap or delivery schedules, backed by Fairwinds’ expertise, security and open source software.


Save money

Supplement your engineering team’s knowledge with Fairwinds Advisory Kubernetes and cloud expertise. Learn how to scale workloads efficiently and reliably through the use of open source solutions and Fairwinds security, policy and governance software.

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Deploy with confidence

Learn from Fairwinds’ Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) how to keep your application highly available, scalable, and secure. Fairwinds’ production-grade infrastructure, open source software, and expertise has been battle-tested across hundreds of production environments.

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