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Kubernetes Guardrails

Automate, monitor, and enforce Kubernetes policy and best practices
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Gain visibility and ensure consistency of multiple clusters

Kubernetes guardrails ensure that new and existing clusters comply with policy to avoid introducing security vulnerabilities or overpaying for infrastructure.


Ensure consistency

Enforce Kubernetes guardrails with more than 100 built-in policies and library of OPA templates. Prevent misconfigurations and configuration drift.


Reduce risk

Continuous scanning against standard and customized policy guardrails reduces Kubernetes security and compliance risks.


Enforce compliance

Manage SOC 2 compliance for Kubernetes from CI/CD through production. Ensure clusters align with industry standards including CIS Kubernetes benchmark.

Kubernetes policy enforcement that starts in your CI/CD Pipeline

Shift guardrails left to meet security and compliance requirements without slowing your development down. Fairwinds Insights employs policy as code to prevent mistakes, improve security, optimize cost and save time.
Automate Kubernetes best practice policies Out of the box guardrails enforce Kubernetes best practices for security, reliability and efficiency. Scan for Kubernetes misconfigurations that introduce risk.
Customize with Open Policy Agent Use a library of OPA templates and build your own to enforce customized policies with Insights from dev through runtime. Scale OPA across multiple teams and clusters.
In-cluster scanning Insights enables observability. Define policies and observe behavior in clusters. Avoid disruptions to deployment pipelines when you move policies to enforcement mode.
Admission Controller Management Admission Controller runs every time a new resource is added to a cluster. The Admission Controller rejects any violation and notifies developers on required changes.

Improve operations with Kubernetes policy enforcement

Gain continuous visibility into your Kubernetes security posture by auditing workloads for misconfigurations and weaknesses.

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