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Kubernetes Policy Enforcement

Automate, monitor, and enforce Kubernetes guardrails and best practices
Overview Features Kubernetes Security Policy Enforcement Governance & Compliance Cost Optimization Service Ownership Documentation

Policy enforcement that starts in your CI/CD Pipeline 

Shifting left enables your business to meet security and compliance requirements without slowing you down. Fairwinds Insights employs policy as code to prevent mistakes, improve security, optimize cost and save time.


Automate Kubernetes best practice policies

Fairwinds Insights comes with dozens of out of the box policies to enforce Kubernetes best practices for security, reliability and efficiency.

Scan container images and Kubernetes for misconfigurations that introduce risk. Prevent images that do not comply from being deployed.


Customize with Open Policy Agent

Teams can build and enforce customized policies via OPA and integrate into every part of Fairwinds Insights including CI/CD pipelines, the admission controller and the in-cluster agent. Insights includes a library of OPA templates.

Scale OPA across multiple teams and clusters with a single source of security and DevOps collaboration.


In-cluster scanning

Fairwinds Insights enables observability. Define policies and observer behavior in clusters. Avoid any disruptions to deployment pipelines when you move policies to enforcement mode.


Manage and monitor Admission Controllers across all your clusters

Runs every time a new resource is added to the cluster. If the resource violates your organization’s policies, the Admission Controller rejects it and notifies developers on required changes.

Improve Kubernetes security with policy enforcement

Gain continuous visibility into your Kubernetes security posture by auditing workloads for misconfigurations and weaknesses.

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