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Container Rightsizing Developers Actually Use

Reduce Kubernetes Costs by 30% or More
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Rightsize Application Resources

Optimize compute with Fairwinds Insights rightsizing advice.



Identify areas of wasteful CPU and memory spend


Take Action

Get accurate and actionable resource recommendations



Reduce costs without impacting performance

Map Container Usage Back to Cloud Dollars

Use Fairwinds Insights to accurately measure container costs across multiple dimensions like CPU, memory, network traffic, and storage. Take the guesswork out of rightsizing containers with resource recommendations that save money and improve performance.
Allocate Costs Make better decisions and gain granular visibility into costs that traditional cloud cost tools cannot provide.
Identify Savings Identify cost savings opportunities and get accurate recommendations for fixing overprovisioned apps.
Take Action Give developers actionable recommendations in Jira or Slack - even at the time of pull request.
Stop Cost Problems Use guardrails to prevent future cost problems like missing CPU and memory requests.

Monitor and Reduce Costs Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

Better understand which clusters are over or under provisioned.
Workload Cost Allocation Allocate and group cost estimates by namespace or labeling, making it easier for reports to align to business context.
K8s Cost Optimization Evaluate individual applications and find opportunities to reduce costs without impacting application performance.
Kubernetes Cost Showback Report Kubernetes usage costs to finance teams, allocate to developers and track savings over time.
Multi-Cluster Cost and Usage Get a breakdown of cluster capacity and usage. Understand how much is spent on idle capacity, shared vs. app-specific resources and effective node scaling.
Cloud Billing Integration Use actual AWS cloud bills to calculate Kubernetes costs by workload, namespace or label. Provides accurate, usage-based cost data across multiple business dimensions.
Quality of Service Controls Let Dev and Ops teams collaborate on application rightsizing, giving recommendations that eliminate guesswork and drive better workload efficiency and performance.

“Using Insights recommendations, we saved 30% of our cloud bill annually.”

CTO – SME Organization

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Cost Optimization

Allocate Kubernetes costs and reduce spend


Kubernetes Cost Management

Better understand your Kubernetes cost