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Joe Pelletier is VP of strategy at Fairwinds, the Kubernetes enablement company.

4 minute read
| January 7, 2021

4 Kubernetes Resolutions for 2021: A Year of Transformation

Our team at Fairwinds, including Bill Ledingham, Kendall Miller, Andy Suderman, Joe Pelletier and Robert Brennan, made predictions for what we can expect in 2021. Amongst the... Read More
4 minute read
| December 18, 2020

Why Fixing Kubernetes Configuration Inconsistencies is Critical for Multi-tenant and Multi-cluster Environments

In most cases, organizations pilot Kubernetes with a single application. Once successful, these organizations commit to Kubernetes across multiple apps, development and ops... Read More
3 minute read
| December 14, 2020

How to Identify Over Permissioned Containers

An over permissioned container has all the root capabilities of a host machine. The container can access resources which are not accessible in ordinary containers. While... Read More
3 minute read
| December 11, 2020

How to Identify Missing Readiness Probes in Kubernetes

Kubernetes offers two types of health checks: readiness probes and liveness probes. Read More
3 minute read
| October 8, 2020

Is My Kubernetes Environment Ready for the Holiday Season?

This year’s holiday shoppers are going online. With little incentive to go to a store, Covid restrictions and pressure to still make this holiday season special, it’s... Read More
6 minute read
| October 8, 2020

Kubernetes Makes a Huge Difference in E-Commerce

The 2020 holiday shopping season is anticipated to set long-term precedents. Deloitte and Forrester have both predicted that e-commerce sales will explode this holiday... Read More
7 minute read
| September 22, 2020

Configuration Validation Software - Video Demo

The Kubernetes ecosystem is built on great open source. There are hundreds of tools to help with security, efficiency, reliability. And in the security space there are 40+... Read More
2 minute read
| August 11, 2020

Kubernetes Configuration Validation in Datadog Marketplace

Today Datadog has announced its new Marketplace, a platform for third-party application development that provides customers with access to a wide range of tools,... Read More
3 minute read
| May 22, 2020

Easing Tension Between Kubernetes Development, Security and Operations

As organizations move to develop mission-critical applications in Kubernetes, they need a way to ensure that configuration best practices are applied consistently... Read More
4 minute read
| April 30, 2020

How to Identify if Kubernetes Pods are Running as Root

It's often easier to over-permission a Kubernetes deployment with root access to just get something working, but it’s not recommended. It leads to security issues and over... Read More
4 minute read
| February 5, 2020

How Cloud Managed Services for Kubernetes Enable Products to Succeed

A long time ago, before Kubernetes, I was managing an early-stage security product built entirely in the cloud. We used a SaaS business model to differentiate ourselves from... Read More
3 minute read
| December 10, 2019

What Kubernetes and Application Security have in Common

For the past eight years, I’ve split my time helping enterprises build application security programs and developing security products that make it easier for developers and... Read More