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Fairwinds Open Source Projects

Open source is core to Fairwinds' ability to provide Kubernetes support. Our thoughtfully crafted open source software empowers the community and our clients to build the right Kubernetes architecture and deployment. Learn more about our projects below. You can also find out about our curated platform of integrated, trusted open source tools.


Polaris runs a variety of checks to ensure that pods and controllers are configured using Kubernetes best practices, helping you avoid problems in the future.

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By using the kubernetes vertical-pod-autoscaler in recommendation mode, we can see a suggestion for resource requests on each of our apps. Goldilocks creates a VPA for each deployment in a namespace and then queries them for information.

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Reckoner is a command line helper for Helm that uses a YAML syntax to install and manage multiple Helm charts in a single file and allows installation of charts from a git commit/branch/release.

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Pluto helps users easily find deprecated Kubernetes API versions in their Infrastructure-as-Code repositories and Helm releases. 

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rok8s-scripts is a framework for building GitOps workflows with Docker and Kubernetes. By adding rok8s-scripts to your CI/CD pipeline, you can build, push, and deploy your applications using the set of Kubernetes best practices we've built at Fairwinds. 

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RBAC Manager was designed to simplify authorization in Kubernetes. This is an operator that supports declarative configuration for RBAC with new custom resources. Instead of managing role bindings or service accounts directly, you can specify a desired state and RBAC Manager will make the necessary changes to achieve that state.

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RBAC Lookup is a CLI that allows you to easily find Kubernetes roles and cluster roles bound to any user, service account, or group name. Binaries are generated with goreleaser for each release for simple installation.

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Nova is a command-line interface for cross-checking the Helm charts running in your cluster with the latest versions available. Nova will let you know if you’re running a chart that’s out-of-date or deprecated, so you can make sure you’re always aware of updates.

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Built on the Kubernetes-native VolumeSnapshot API, Gemini has created a more robust, user-friendly interface that allows for automated backups on a customizable, fine-grained schedule, deletes stale backups automatically and easily restores data from specific backups.

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12-Saffire_bfw_color@2xDesigned to help developers and engineering teams avoid single points of failure by pulling images from multiple registries, Saffire lets users switch between registries at any time, such as during an outage, to continuously scale workloads and create new nodes.

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GoNoGo is a spec that can be used to define and then discover if an add-on that was installed with Helm is safe to upgrade. GoNoGo helps you save time from manually reviewing all objects in your cluster.

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Curated open source tools available as a platform

Fairwinds offers a platform of integrated, trusted open source tools to proactively monitor Kubernetes configurations and recommend improvements that help avoid problems. Fairwinds Insights is a configuration validation platform that enables engineering and DevOps teams to run Kubernetes workloads securely, efficiently, and reliably.

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