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Standardize Your Kubernetes Migration

Migrate to Kubernetes faster with standards and guardrails
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Automate Kubernetes Guardrails

Adopt Kubernetes faster by implementing Kubernetes guardrails as part of your migration strategy.


Standardize Configuration

Enforce Kubernetes guardrails to prevent misconfiguration and drift.


Kubernetes with Confidence

Know that your team is doing K8s right with less risk.


Speed up Migration

Ensure your K8s migration adheres to compliance requirements.

Business Goals Achieved Faster

Automate Kubernetes Policies Guardrails enforce Kubernetes best practices for security, reliability and efficiency. Scan for Kubernetes misconfigurations that introduce risk.
Customize with Open Policy Agent Use a library of OPA templates and build your own to enforce customized policies from dev through runtime. Scale OPA across multiple teams and clusters.
In-cluster Scanning Define policies and observe behavior in clusters. Avoid disruptions to deployment pipelines when you move policies to enforcement mode.
Admission Controller Management The Admission Controller runs every time a new resource is added to a cluster. It rejects violations and notifies developers of required changes.
Shift-left Security Integrate automated policy enforcement into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure service owners are coding and shipping services that comply with security best practices.
SOC2 Specific Checks Use 30+ Kubernetes checks to keep track of SOC 2 compliance for each control and generate PDFs for auditors. Demonstrate compliance with policy-based K8s recommendations.
Ticketing Integration Integrate in ticketing workflows to plan, track, and manage Kubernetes cluster misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Assign ownership and track progress.
Rightsizing Advice Maximize the efficiency of CPU and memory utilization for your Kubernetes workloads with monitoring and advice on resource limits and requests.

Migration Services + Software

Need help migrating to Kubernetes? Fairwinds helps get you there faster with battle-tested infrastructure-as-code, open source software and SRE expertise. Combined with Fairwinds Insights, you’ll get a Kubernetes platform ready for developers.


Eliminate Months of Manual Effort


Accelerate Application Migration


Remain Competitive and Differentiated

“We plugged in Fairwinds Insights and are able to take care of security and compliance guardrails in one place.”

Tristan Bates – Engineering Manager, PagerDuty

Migrate to Kubernetes Faster with Guardrails from Fairwinds Insights

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