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Fairwinds Insights Drives Company Growth as Organizations Require Kubernetes Governance Software to Manage Cloud Costs, Enable Developers

Cloud native users lean on Fairwinds to ship applications faster, more cost effectively and with less risk  

Boston, MA – (January 24, 2023)Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance software, continues to experience strong year-over-year growth for its Kubernetes security, cost, compliance and guardrail software, Fairwinds Insights. Over the past 12 months, Fairwinds has seen Insights sales grow by 268% over the prior year, with the addition of customers such as Veracode, Boingo Wireless, Clover, and Grant Street Group. 

Throughout 2022, Fairwinds focused on enhancing Insights as a tool that helps to better serve DevOps and platform engineering teams as they continue to increase their usage of the cloud. Gartner forecasts that public cloud service spending will increase by 20.7% in 2023, while Kubernetes growth is expected to spike as more DevOps teams start to support multi-cloud deployments. 

“Developers are innovators by nature, but because of the complexities of Kubernetes, they can make a number of potential missteps. As a result, platform engineers are often stuck acting as K8s Help Desks,” said Bill Ledingham, CEO of Fairwinds. “A lack of Kubernetes expertise means that the road gets bumpy very quickly, leaving DevOps teams and platform engineers in need of help. With Insights, platform engineers can stop being a help desk and instead provide a paved road for development teams to develop on Kubernetes cost-efficiently, securely and reliably.” 

Fairwinds milestones over the past 12 months include:

  • Invested in further developing Insights, launching a free tier for organizations beginning to scale up their use of Kubernetes. The company introduced a host of new functionality, including Workload Cost Allocation and additional security enhancements such as AutoScan  Infrastructure-as-Code scanning for GitOps, third-party container upgrade recommendations, and Falco runtime support.

  • Released the Fairwinds Insights Compliance Self Assessment for SOC 2 to help DevSecOps teams track compliance status within Kubernetes.

  • Launched Fairwinds GoNoGo, a new open source tool, to define and then discover whether add-ons installed with Helm are safe to upgrade. 

  • Added new checks, mutation support, and automated fix functionality to Fairwinds Polaris – a leading open-source Kubernetes Policy Engine.

  • Certified Fairwinds Insights with the FinOps Foundation, validating the software as helping users successfully adopt cloud financial management practices that are aligned with FinOps.

  • Experienced 28% growth for Fairwinds Kubernetes professional services.

  • Served the open source community with over 300,000 downloads of  popular projects such as Polaris and Goldilocks.

  • Released the Kubernetes Benchmark Report 2023 to help DevOps teams better understand how their Kubernetes workloads compare to other organizations.

Fairwinds Insights provides Kubernetes security, cost, compliance and guardrails in one platform. 

Users gain visibility into their Kubernetes workloads security, cost usage and reliability, which helps them avoid expensive misconfigurations. The all-in-one governance platform helps DevOps teams simplify Kubernetes and enable developer self-service to achieve production-readiness faster.