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Fairwinds Insights Compliance Self-Assessment for SOC 2 Feature Launches

New feature helps DevSecOps teams better understand compliance scope around Kubernetes and containers 

Boston, MA – Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance and security software, today introduced Fairwinds Insights Compliance Self-Assessment for SOC 2. This new feature provides DevSecOps teams with more than 30 assessment questions focused on SOC 2 compliance within Kubernetes. It allows teams to track the compliance status for each control, gain recommendations on how to configure Kubernetes correctly, automate verification of configuration and self-certify.

Compliance is crucial for ensuring business continuity, but meeting SOC 2 compliance in cloud native and Kubernetes environments poses unique challenges. The ephemeral nature of containers means it can be difficult to understand if an environment is compliant. 

“Regulated industries using Kubernetes and containers need to bake in compliance from the start by incorporating visibility and control all the way through the process. We continue to release features like Insights Compliance Self-Assessment to help,” said Joe Pelletier, VP of product at Fairwinds. “The breadth of our solutions is unique; from a single platform, DevSecOps teams can now manage SOC 2 compliance efforts, integrate infrastructure-as-code scanning, monitor workloads for security threats, right-size apps, and enforce policies to enable service ownership.” 

Fairwinds Insights Compliance Self-Assessment for SOC 2 features include:

  • Multi-cluster visibility into compliance – Understand status across multiple clusters and compliance standards (HIPAA and ISO27001, in addition to SOC 2).

  • SOC 2 specific checks – Presents 30+ compliance-related questions to map SOC 2 controls to Kubernetes. These checks help keep track of compliance for each control and generate PDFs for auditors.

  • Recommendations for achieving compliance – Fairwinds Insights provides recommendations on Kubernetes configurations to achieve and demonstrate compliance.

Fairwinds Insights Compliance Self-Assessment for SOC 2 will include automated verification to detect if workloads are configured to help meet a specific control and provide automated evidence. To learn more about how Fairwinds Insights protects, optimizes and enables developers, visit https://www.fairwinds.com/insights