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Kubernetes Governance Software, Fairwinds Insights, Now Available for Free

New free tier allows users to implement Kubernetes guardrails to improve security, optimize cost and increase application reliability

Boston, MA – (January 5, 2023)Fairwinds today announced that the leading Kubernetes governance software, Fairwinds Insights, is now available for free to organizations that are beginning to scale up their use of Kubernetes. The new free tier allows small teams and individual users to benefit from Kubernetes guardrails around security, resource utilization and reliability.

“Fairwinds has contributed multiple projects and code to the cloud native community. Offering a free tier of Fairwinds Insights is a natural progression for those organizations that are growing and now require Kubernetes visibility and consistency across clusters,” said Joe Pellietier, VP of Product at Fairwinds.

Available as a SaaS platform, the free tier is available for environments up to 20 nodes, 2 clusters and one repo with an unlimited number of users and 30 days of cost metric retention. Users can seamlessly connect existing Fairwinds open source tools, such as Polaris, Nova and Pluto, to the free tier and activate features like Infrastructure-as-Code scanning, automated ticketing, and container cost allocation within minutes of signing up to the free account. All features are unlocked in the free tier allowing users to fully experience the platform. 

Kubernetes governance helps platform engineering teams manage the complexity associated with multi-tenant clusters. Platform engineers can apply guardrails at every stage of the development process, automate best practices, and develop a culture of service ownership and cost avoidance -- all without slowing down app teams.

“It’s important to the entire cloud native community that we help companies operationalize best of breed open source technology in a way that consistently applies Kubernetes best practices and enables service ownership,” said Bill Ledingham, CEO, Fairwinds. “By making a free tier available, teams can benefit from the extensive functionality of Fairwinds Insights as they move forward on their Kubernetes journey.”

New Fairwinds Insights users can sign up directly here. Upon sign up, users will be guided through installation, setting up the Slack integration and creating their first Kubernetes governance policy.