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Fairwinds Heads into H2 2023 With Strong Focus on Helping Platform Teams Enable Developers with Kubernetes

Boston, MA – (July 27, 2023)Fairwinds, the leading provider of software for Kubernetes platform engineers to standardize and enable development best practices, today announced that more than 175 organizations have accelerated their Kubernetes journey with Fairwinds Insights free tier since it launched six months ago. The growth demonstrates tremendous demand for Kubernetes guardrails and developer enablement, with customers benefiting from a 30% reduction in container spend, 50% less time auditing app config, and more frequent deployments with fewer security defects.  Fairwinds continues to expand and grow support among platform teams, resulting in increased commitment to Fairwinds Insights software and popular open source tools. 

“By being laser focused on helping platform teams make sense of Kubernetes and use it to its full potential to help their organizations, we are driving our own growth,” said Bill Ledingham, CEO at Fairwinds. “Standardization has become essential for platform teams, enabling businesses to save time and re-work associated with security and compliance, as well as bringing visibility into container costs. Fairwinds Insights helps platform teams enable developers to do what they need to – develop apps faster, more securely and for less cost.” 

“Fairwinds has wrapped open-source tooling into something easy to integrate with, which is a big, big win for Hitachi Solutions. Forget about the cost per node, the cost to integrate products can be huge. We know since this is our core value proposition with our own products,” said Don Scott, VP, New Product Development, Hitachi Solutions. “With Insights we can integrate once with one product and have significant Kubernetes security capabilities benefiting from the investments Fairwinds made. We get to tap into this investment rather than spend tens of weeks of engineering time to build out a compelling integration. 

Since the start of 2023, Fairwinds has:

  • Created a free tier of its Fairwinds Insights software to help organizations that are beginning to scale up their use of Kubernetes. This introductory tier provides up to 20 nodes, two clusters, one repo, 30 days of cost metrics retention and Fairwinds’ Slack Community support.

  • Launched Automated Fix Pull Requests (PRs) within Fairwinds Insights. With Automated Fix PRs, development teams can  automatically fix at least 42% of Kubernetes misconfigurations, enabling organizations to lower security risk, avoid downtime and eliminate wasted costs. 

  • Introduced Base Image Finder, an open source utility that identifies vulnerabilities in base images to help users remediate faster when known CVEs are announced.

  • Added automated Kubernetes compliance evidence collection in Fairwinds Insights for numerous checks across a number of industry compliance standards, making it faster and easier for teams to generate findings and measure their posture against industry best practices. Insights now also includes NSA Hardening Guidance Compliance reports.

  • Added enhanced cost functionality in Fairwinds Insights to help you make informed decisions about your costs, identify where spend is going and get visualizations for recommendations

Fairwinds makes platform teams more successful by providing guardrails that make Kubernetes more secure, reliable and cost efficient. Users that want to standardize Kubernetes can use Fairwinds Insights to enable development best practices.