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Fix Your Kubernetes Misconfigurations Faster with Automated Fix Pull Requests

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest Fairwinds Insights feature, Automated Fix Pull Requests (PRs). You can automatically fix many Kubernetes misconfigurations faster using the new Automated Fix PRs functionality. This new feature makes it easier for dev teams to make misconfiguration fixes quickly and easily — which is important, because our benchmark data shows that K8s misconfigurations have increased in the past year. Getting those fixes out fast can help teams reduce security risks, increase reliability, and control cloud costs. 

Ship fast, fix fast 

Shipping new features quickly is the name of the game, and your devs are focused on that goal. To do that, they rely on automation to build, scan, and deploy their code — but inevitably, sometimes there are problems. Automated Fix PRs jumpstart the remediation of these problems, including security bugs and policy violations, by offering code-level fixes to common Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) issues that we often see in Kubernetes manifests. You can fix multiple IaC issues with just one click, then quickly review and approve your changes in GitHub. Based on our analysis of IaC scans, this new feature can remediate at least 42% of issues automatically. That’s going to save you a lot of time and effort, and you’ll be able to ship faster than ever!

How Automated Fix PRs works

If you have your repositories set up using Auto-Scan, you can open a Pull Request that fixes one or more Action Items in your infrastructure-as-code. To make this work, we added new permissions in the Fairwinds GitHub integration. This now allows it to write to repository contents. This permission change only applies to repositories you connect to Insights via GitHub, and the changes will always occur on a separate branch. That means that you can review your fixes before you decide to merge. Check out our documentation on GitHub permissions to learn more about how this works. 

Action items selected to include in pull request

How Automated Fix PRs Helps You

We built this new feature because we know it will help you! Whether you’re on the platform engineering team, the development team, or in security engineering, this new feature will make your life easier. Here are four ways it’ll help you: 

  1. By making policies standardized and automatically enforced. Using Fairwinds Insights, platform teams can easily set and enforce standards, which will help everyone ship code to production faster.

  2. By giving you back time. Automated Fix PRs means developers won’t have to address every configuration change manually. It’s easy to review and approve them in GitHub, and you can fix more than one change at a time.

  3. By making security and compliance easier. Keeping up with changing security and compliance issues can be really challenging, but using Insights, you can reduce your risk by using controls that find (and fix!) issues faster.

  4. By limiting potential policy violations. Developers want to be able to self-service without worrying that they’re going to break something in Kubernetes. Insights makes it easy for devs to adopt Kubernetes best practices, which means fewer post-deployment policy violations and less stress.

More Secure Cloud-Native Workloads 

Many organizations are embracing GitOps to manage cloud-native systems powered by Kubernetes. GitOps uses an operations by pull request approach to define and manage the GitOps pipeline. In this model, you want your workload configuration to be secure, efficient, and reliable before it’s deployed to Kube, which means you need feedback about misconfigurations as early in the process as possible (before your YAML file is merged into a repo). Automated Fix PRs help you do just that by making it easy to review and approve code-level changes in GitHub, making multiple fixes in a single Pull Request, so you can be as productive as possible. 

Want to try Automated Fix PRs in Fairwinds Insights? Check out our free tier, which is available for free for environments up to 20 nodes, two clusters, and one repo. Here’s how you can get started with the Insights Free Tier fast.

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