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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 12.3-12.10

This month, the  Fairwinds Insights release notes include lots of helpful improvements and bug fixes in the Insights platform. We’re also very excited that our Costs page has officially been launched! This update replaces the previous Workloads page and includes excellent new features and functionality to help you make informed decisions about your costs, identify where spend is going, and get visualizations for recommendations. To check the new page out, visit Efficiency > Costs in Insights.

Fairwinds Insights Costs Page

Enabling and Disabling Automation Rule Logs

Automation Rules - enable or disable logs

We’ve also added new capabilities for the automation rule logs. You can now enable or disable the logs for your Automation Rules. On the Automation Rule edit page, simply toggle the Logs to enable or disable the logs for the specific rule.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We continue to improve Insights and resolve bugs to make sure everything is working well. These latest fixes and improvements make it easier for you to identify and resolve issues with reliability, security, and cost efficiency in your Kubernetes environment quickly. Below are the adjustments we’ve made in releases 12.3-12.10:

  • Fixed All Policies table filters getting wrapped

  • Removed the Announcements page

  • Fixed breadcrumb navigation on vulnerabilities

  • Added a Select All option to some filters in Costs

  • UI polishes to the Settings in Repositories

  • Multiple UI fixes in Costs

  • Added Last Scanned column to the vulnerabilities table

  • Multiple fixes to the Compliance report page

  • Fixed bulk unassign function in Action Items

  • Fixed issues with the Cost Settings in Costs

  • Changed the format of the Quick Views in Costs

  • Captcha added after an unsuccessful login

  • Added a new workload dropdown in the Costs page

  • Fixed Workloads Settings page

  • All users can now create and edit their own Action Items lists

  • New Automated Compliance Checks

  • Minor UI changes to the Costs page

  • Automated Compliance checks are now searchable

  • Multiple UI polishes in the Compliance page

  • Automated Pull Requests only show up on GitHub connected Repositories

  • Trivy is now added automatically to Insights Agent installs for new clusters

  • Added Last Scanned column to the Vulnerabilities table

  • Fixed missing entry in sign up flow

  • Multiple improvements to the Costs page

  • Automation Rules logs are off by default

  • Users will be able to see if logging is enabled for an Automation Rule from the All Rules page

  • Additional information for the user signup

  • Added a tooltip for the donut chart in Costs

  • Fixed tab showing "undefined" when on the Repositories page

  • Various UI fixes throughout Insights

  • Indicate if a report is old on the Costs page

  • Various UI polishes throughout Insights

To get more details on how to use the newest features and stay up to date with  Fairwinds Insights updates, view the release notes.

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