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DevOps Kubernetes - the Agony & the Ecstasy:

Pain at the Different Stages of Maturity

Webinar Recording


Originally Recorded on Wednesday June 9, 2021

Featured speakers:

Kendall Miller, President at Fairwinds

Ivan Fetch, Solutions Architect at Fairwinds

You’ve adopted Kubernetes because it’s new and exciting and there is buzz everywhere, but it isn’t all smooth sailing. There is pain your company will experience at every stage of your Kubernetes adoption. This webinar discusses the phases of the Kubernetes Maturity Model and what agony you will experience on your road to the ecstasy of adoption.

Kendall was joined by Ivan Fetch as they discussed:

*The Kubernetes Maturity Model

*The pain you’ll experience around people, security, monitoring and more in every stage

*How to overcome the pain to achieve results

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