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5 minute read
| June 10, 2021

Meeting the Challenges of Kubernetes Multi-cluster Management

Whether you are looking to separate security boundaries, isolate the impact of a scary configuration change, scale applications closer to customers, achieve data... Read More
6 minute read
| June 8, 2021

What is Fairwinds’ Polaris? Kubernetes Open Source Configuration Validation

Kubernetes is an incredibly powerful platform for deploying software. The level of flexibility it provides can accommodate nearly any use case, no matter how unique. This... Read More
6 minute read
| June 4, 2021

What is KSPM? An Intro to Kubernetes Security Posture Management

As Kubernetes adoption has continued to grow and we’ve seen Kubernetes increase in size and complexity, we’ve also seen a shortage of Kubernetes expertise and Kubernetes... Read More
5 minute read
| June 2, 2021

Enable Cloud Native Service Ownership

The importance of cloud native service ownership starts with the consumer and meeting their expectations that a service will just simply work. That means whatever service... Read More
11 minute read
| May 26, 2021

Now Available: Fairwinds Polaris 4.0 — Policy for Kubernetes Resources

 Fairwinds Polaris has reached version 4.0, with some awesome new features! (For those keeping score, we jumped past 2.0 and 3.0 pretty quickly due to some breaking changes Read More
4 minute read
| May 25, 2021

Prevent Risk and Monitor Kubernetes with Fairwinds & Datadog

It can be challenging to get visibility into cloud applications. There’s so many data points distributed across environments related to servers, containers, databases, and... Read More
3 minute read
| May 24, 2021

May Release Notes Rollup - Everything from 4.1.0 to 4.3.0

We’ve had a busy May, adding new capabilities to Fairwinds Insights, Kubernetes security, policy, and governance software. There are some great new features and additional... Read More
5 minute read
| May 18, 2021

Configuration Drift in Kubernetes - What Is It and Why it Matters

Most organizations start out with Kubernetes by piloting it with a single application. Once they’ve gone through a successful pilot and embraced Kubernetes, companies may... Read More
2 minute read
| May 13, 2021

Introducing the Fairwinds Open Source User Group

Fairwinds loves open source. We are huge advocates of Kubernetes and the community of open source technologies around it. Having managed thousands of clusters for... Read More
3 minute read
| May 10, 2021

Running Kubernetes Version 1.15? It Might Be Time to Upgrade

Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) shared a post on planning Kubernetes upgrades with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) , driven in part because they’re... Read More
7 minute read
| May 6, 2021

Never Should You Ever In Kubernetes Part 5: Your Top 4 FAQs

As we’ve discussed in this series, there are some things that you should simply never, ever do in Kubernetes. Corey Quinn, founder of Screaming in the Cloud and Chief... Read More
7 minute read
| May 4, 2021

How to create your first OPA custom policy in Fairwinds Insights

Open Policy Agent (OPA) is an extremely powerful tool. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use. If you’re not familiar with OPA, I highly recommend checking... Read More