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Get continuous scanning and runtime monitoring of your Kubernetes environment.

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When you sign up for a Fairwinds Insights trial, our team will walk you through the dashboard, Action Items and remediation advice. We'll help you get started and during your trial, our specialists will demo key features around security, reliability and cost optimization. You'll learn about team management and available integrations into Slack, Jira and more.

We’ll provide a platform readout to ensure you get the most out of your Fairwinds Insights trial.

Get started today with:

  • Full visibility across multiple clusters
  • Kubernetes security automation
  • Service ownership enablement
  • Compute optimization and cost reduction
  • Policy enforcement


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We can ensure the reliability of our multi-region clusters will less manual effort and avoid downtime with Fairwinds Insights.

Robert Trencheny Head of Infrastructure at Flatfile

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