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The Opportunity
Gain visibility into Kubernetes clusters
Ensure policies are enforced
Avoid development bottlenecks
Fairwinds Insights
Provides a single pane of glass for the teams to make better informed decisions on the business
Enabled service ownership so teams can code, ship and own applications
Reduced friction between teams

We spoke with Rishi Malik, VP of Platform Engineering at Clover Network, on why he uses Fairwinds Insights. Here are a few video clips diving into this:

Clover Network on the Benefits of Fairwinds Insights

“With Fairwinds specifically, we get cost analysis, security alerts and honestly, one of the biggest things we get is the pane of glass, the dashboard, that’s easy for our applications teams to login and see what’s going on. To login and see what’s there versus using some more complex tools that platform teams are typically more familiar with. That ease of use, reducing friction is absolutely key for us because it’s a lot to put on applications teams that don’t necessarily have the same level of experience as the platform side. Fairwinds makes it easy and accessible.”

How Fairwinds Insights enables developer self service at Clover Network

“Fairwinds is helping us scale with application performance alerting and cost analysis. A big part of what we've done by moving to Kubernetes, by integrating Fairwinds Insights, by tying that into our PagerDuty setup, is geared around self-service for all of our application teams. That’s great for the engineering side because they're quick, they can run fast, there is no bottleneck to the platform teams.”

How Fairwinds Insights provides Clover Network visibility

“We get visibility to ensure everyone has a bare minimum escalation policy and then equip the team with whatever else they need on top. It really comes back to that self-service idea. Both Fairwinds Insights and PagerDuty help us drive that across the organization.”

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