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Fairwinds Insights Now Integrates with PagerDuty

At Fairwinds, we rely on PagerDuty to manage our on call rotations and support our customers—we’re big fans of their product and can’t imagine living without it. Conversely, PagerDuty uses our SaaS product, Fairwinds Insights, to help manage and monitor their Kubernetes clusters.

As Kubernetes governance and security software, Fairwinds Insights continuously scans clusters to ensure applications are configured for scale, reliability, resource efficiency and security. As customers of each other’s technologies, the integration between PagerDuty and Insights was a no-brainer. 

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Customers of both PagerDuty and Fairwinds Insights can now generate and customize PagerDuty incidents for critical issues in their Kubernetes clusters. This capability includes over 100 checks that have been built-in to Fairwinds Insights for things like container vulnerabilities, insecure workload configurations and resource usage—as well as custom user-defined policies for compliance and internal requirements.

Why Does the Fairwinds & PagerDuty Integration Matter?

As an organization, PagerDuty is a huge advocate of full service ownership, quoted as saying: 

“Full-service ownership means that people take responsibility for supporting the software they deliver, at every stage of the software/service life cycle. That level of ownership brings development teams much closer to their customers, the business, and the value being delivered. In turn, that unlocks key competitive advantages that make all the difference in today's digital world.” 

Fairwinds Insights enables this service ownership approach in Kubernetes, making  code it, ship it, own it possible. Fairwinds Insights offers DevOps teams visibility across the Kube environment, with a dashboard-view into clusters to help them better recognize misconfigurations connected to serious security and compliance risk. Our platform prioritizes these risks, and the highest priority items can now be pushed into PagerDuty to ensure teams stay on top of Kubernetes misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. 

How it Works

The PagerDuty integration allows you to create PagerDuty incidents for any Action Item in Fairwinds Insights including CI/CD, Admission Control and In-Cluster.

PagerDuty incidents are created via Fairwinds Insights’ Automation Rule. It’s possible to customize your Automation Rule, triggering on particular events only, and the PagerDuty incident with different levels of urgency. You can also add resource metadata and remediation details to the incident body—and more.

Users create new PagerDuty incidents using Fairwinds Insights’ Automation Rule that trigger automatically when certain scenarios are met. For example, a common user scenario is creating a PagerDuty incident when a new high severity security misconfiguration is found in the Kubernetes cluster.

Once a PagerDuty incident is created, it will appear in the PagerDuty console under the specific service ID specified.

Screenshot of Insights identified issues and resolved incidents in PagerDuty console

You can get an integration walkthrough by reading Insights documentation

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