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Fairwinds Insights Integration Makes It Easy to Leverage Kyverno at Scale

Fairwinds Insights gives visibility into Kyverno findings; centralizes Kubernetes policy management and accelerate remediation

Boston, MA – (September 19, 2023) – Fairwinds, the leading provider of software for Kubernetes platform engineers to standardize and enable development best practices, announced today that Kyverno, an open source Kubernetes native policy management tool and CNCF Incubating project, now integrates with Fairwinds Insights. By integrating Kyverno, platform teams can finally bring visibility to Kyverno-generated findings into a single view, enabling developers to use Fairwinds Insights’ workflows to fix misconfigurations faster. 

“Platform engineers and DevOps teams are increasingly adopting open source policy engines like Polaris, OPA and Kyverno to help manage cloud native standards, but bump into visibility, ownership, and remediation problems when trying to scale,” said Joe Pelletier, VP of Product at Fairwinds. “Organizations can bring their existing Kyverno install to the Fairwinds Insights platform and make Kyverno policy findings immediately more useful, actionable, and fixable. Platform teams benefit by spending less time as a ‘help desk’, and app teams are empowered to take action through integrations with systems like Jira, AzureDevOps, and Slack.” 

Fairwinds Insights helps platform teams standardize Kubernetes deployments, reduce cognitive load for developers, automate security and compliance scanning, and responsibly spend cloud resources. Insights already provides a flexible, multi-policy architecture with integrations into tools like Polaris, OPA, Goldilocks and more. By seamlessly converting Kyverno policy findings into Action Items, Insights can automatically create tickets and track the lifecycle of issues for developers. Insights features like Automation Rules help manage reporting exceptions and trigger events when a new Kyverno issue is found, and Progress Reporting brings executive visibility into remediation activities. 

“Platform engineering teams need ways to enforce policies to get the business outcomes expected of cloud native environments. Every decision made at the business level will impact what policies need to be in place. Having both out-of-the-box policies and customization available in Insights helps make cloud native environments enterprise ready,” concluded Pelletier.

Fairwinds Insights is available to use for free up to 20 nodes on 2 clusters and 1 repo.