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Fairwinds Insights Helps Flatfile with Kubernetes Security, Policy and Governance

Provides assistance to audit and baseline cluster configurations for on-prem and SaaS offerings

Boston, MA – Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes security, policy and governance software backed by a suite of services and open source tooling, today shared that Flatfile is using Fairwinds Insights with both its Portal and Concierge SaaS solutions. With Insights, Flatfile can maintain consistent, secure Kubernetes-based applications, reduce trial and error resource settings to improve engineering efficiency, and proactively identify changes needed to maintain reliable Kubernetes workloads. Additionally, with Insights, Flatfile is able to scale its SaaS infrastructure efficiently by providing visibility into costly CPU and memory resources.

Flatfile, the groundbreaking data onboarding software company, needed support for validating Kubernetes configurations prior to providing Portal, its on-prem solution, to customers. By using Fairwinds Insights in this way, the Flatfile engineering team could review configurations if customers made changes that required support. Additionally, Flatfile has grown its use of Insights by having it run inside its Concierge SaaS clusters, helping the team to ensure the reliability of its multi-region clusters with less manual effort and downtime.

“Insights helps me sleep better at night. I don’t have to actively monitor Insights because I know that if something goes wrong, I’ll get notified. It helps us demonstrate compliance to our customers and give them peace of mind that we are continuously monitoring against policy,” said Robert Trencheny, head of infrastructure at Flatfile. “Because Fairwinds is constantly improving the product, I don’t have to worry about constantly tweaking and tuning things. We’ve continued to build on how we use Insights, including its integration with Slack, which helps us keep reliability and efficiency up while keeping costs down. Fairwinds Insights is a huge security blanket for us.”

Fairwinds Insights bridges the gap between development and operations by enabling teams to enforce security, efficiency and cost policies within Kubernetes. It leverages best-of-breed open source tools such as Polaris and Goldilocks to provide comprehensive visibility and control of  application containers and the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure. The software covers the entire development/deployment lifecycle with newly added capabilities, including Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) integration, Open Policy Agent (OPA) support and an Admission Controller, further helping development and operations teams take advantage of cloud native technologies.

“Flatfile is a fantastic example of how we can work with engineering teams to provide important business outcomes,” said Joe Pelletier, VP of strategy at Fairwinds. “We created Fairwinds Insights to help engineering teams confidently get their applications into production without concerns for security, reliability or efficiency. Seeing Flatfile grow their use of Insights has been extremely fulfilling and we look forward to helping them continue to remove the barriers between people and data.”