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How Fairwinds Insights Works

Getting Started

Fairwinds Insights is policy-driven, Kubernetes configuration validation software that proactively monitors, identifies and prioritizes recommended fixes for your Kubernetes and containers for misconfigurations.

Experience Fairwinds Insights by viewing our sandbox environment. No need to sign up.

Read on for an overview of how to get started with Fairwinds Insights in just 7 minutes. You’ll quickly see how straightforward it is and how quickly you can see value. 

Use your own cluster or setup a test cluster to experience getting started for yourself. For this example, we set up a test GKE cluster.

Register and Install
Step 1: Sign up <1 minute

Visit the Login Page, register your account, confirm your profile and email.

Sign up for Insights


Set Up
Step 2: Create a new organization <1 minute

Once created, you have now started your 30 day trial.

Fairwinds Insights set up organization screenshot of dashboard


Step 3: Create a cluster <1 minute

Fairwinds Insights screenshot of creating a cluster dashboard


Step 4: Install the agent with a kubectl command <3 minutes
  • Make sure you have metrics-server installed in your cluster. <1 minute
  • If you are already using VPA, add the flag --set goldilocks.installVPA=false to the helm command below. <1 minute

Fairwinds Insights cluster settings screenshot for installing your own agent


Step 5: View the Fairwinds Insights dashboard to start seeing your reports.

It takes only a few minutes depending on the size of your cluster to start seeing results.

Fairwinds Insights main dashboard once cluster was installed


Dashboards and Report
Evaluating Your Findings

Your dashboard will provide an overview of the findings. You can start going through the dashboard or review by priorities. 

Fairwinds Insight priorities screenshot



Action Items

Clicking into the priorities will take you to Action Items where you’ll see the list by priority and what requires fixing. 

Fairwinds Insights Action Items Screenshot


Action Item Remediation

You can click on the issue for a description of the problem and advice on how to remediate the problem.

Fairwinds Insights Action Item Remediation Screenshot

Once you fix the issue, the field fixed will change from false to true.


When you first click into workloads, we will ask questions about your cloud provider. We’ll also ask what cost estimation strategy you want to implement - optimistic or conservative. You can read more about the different Kubernetes cost strategies here

You’ll want to know your instance type, cost per node, vCPUs and memory to customize your numbers. 

Fairwinds Insights Cost Settings Screenshot

If you do not complete this, Fairwinds Insights can still provide you with findings and recommendations. You can update your cost settings at any time by simply clicking cost settings in the left corner of the workload dashboard.

Fairwinds Insights screenshot of Goldilocks cost controller



You’ll get a view of your add-ons and what is up to date or requires upgrades.

Fairwinds Insights Add-ons screenshot



Many organizations have internal and external compliance policies for reviewing their RBAC profiles. With Insights, we help you identify the most permissive roles and save time auditing your RBAC settings.

You can view your RBAC roles and bindings. You will see roles by severity to identify: 

  • Roles able to view secrets and escalate their permissions
  • Roles able to create, update, and delete objects
  • Roles that are read-only

Fairwinds Insights RBAC screenshot



The Reports functionality allows you to dig deeper into each of the projects that are reviewing your cluster configurations. It also highlights where you may need to reinstall the agent. 

Reports also gives you a glimpse into the raw data returned by each tool from Fairwinds Insights. Fairwinds Insights automates the job of aggregating, normalizing, and de-duplicating findings, saving security and DevOps engineers time when running multiple open source tools.

Fairwinds Insights Reports screenshot


What's Next
Results Review Session

Once you’ve reviewed Fairwinds Insights, sign up to a complimentary Results Review Session with one of our Kubernetes experts. We'll go over your Fairwinds Insights findings, share best practices assessments, and provide recommendations for ensuring your clusters are running as securely, efficiently, and reliably as possible.

Sign up
Learn about the Fairwinds Insights