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Implement a cloud-native infrastructure platform
Ensure infrastructure built to maximize existing resources rather than pay for more cloud resources
Fairwinds Solution
Fairwinds Managed Kubernetes
Helped Noonlight migrate to Kubernetes and implement user-friendly CI/CD patterns for app deployment
Scalable, low latency, highly available Kubernetes infrastructure


Noonlight chose Fairwinds Managed Kubernetes, a people-led Kubernetes cluster management service, to implement its Kubernetes platform and provide on-going training, advisory and infrastructure improvements.

About Noonlight

Noonlight uses advanced technology to protect and comfort people so they can live freely. Launched in 2013 as a mobile application, Noonlight has since grown into a connected safety platform — partnering with products and services to enable safety and emergency response capabilities for their customers via a proprietary API.


Noonlight wanted to implement a cloud-native infrastructure platform that could scale to meet the fluctuating demand of its customer base. It also wanted to ensure its infrastructure was built efficiently to maximize existing resources instead of simply having to pay more for cloud resources.


Noonlight chose to implement Kubernetes to help automate deployment, scaling and management of its application containers.

To ensure a smooth and fast implementation, the Noonlight team chose to work with Fairwinds' Managed Kubernetes, a people-led Kubernetes cluster management service that integrates infrastructure as code, open source software, and SRE expertise as a subscription service. Leveraging years of tried and tested infrastructure expertise combined with best-in-class tooling and software, Fairwinds' Managed Kubernetes allows companies to accelerate their time-to-market and deploy applications confidently.

Fairwinds first step was to understand the Noonlight application. Based on the Fairwinds SRE team understanding, it built a Kubernetes architecture to meet Noonlight’s application requirements specifically focusing on HA and scalability.

Fairwinds helped Noonlight migrate off its existing platform to Kubernetes and implement user-friendly CI/CD patterns for application deployment. The patterns enable customization and integration of metrics that highlight efficiencies and identify bottlenecks. Working with Fairwinds SREs, Noonlight can now observe, scale, and deliver continuous performance improvements.

“With Fairwinds’ expertise, we now have a scalable, low latency and high availability Kubernetes infrastructure platform in place. The patterns provide insights into, and control of how, our applications are running to help inform our daily business decisions," said Mike Roth, Sr. Software Engineer, Noonlight.

Noonlight is now migrating all of its applications to Kubernetes with Fairwinds ongoing advisory, integration, and troubleshooting support.

Continued Improvements

The Fairwinds SRE team continues to support Noonlight with staff training, Kubernetes best practices advisory and continuous improvements such as installing Goldilocks, an open source Kubernetes controller that collects data about running pods and provides recommendations on how to set resource requests and limits.

What Noonlight Is Saying

“We are now positioned to build on the secure, stable foundation Fairwinds developed and evolve patterns based on our changing business requirements."

Mike Roth, Sr. Software Engineer, Noonlight

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