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Fairwinds Managed Kubernetes

Get a production-grade Kubernetes environment with Fairwinds

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Peace of Mind Kubernetes is Done Right 

Fairwind's fully-managed Kubernetes cluster management solution, ClusterOps®, integrates infrastructure as code, cluster automation, Fairwinds' security, policy and governance software and open source tools. Fairwinds provides 24x7 proactive monitoring and response, upgrades, patches and maintenance.

The ClusterOps® platform sits between the cloud infrastructure layer and application workloads to empower platform engineering teams to quickly close the gap between what you get from a cloud provider and what you need to deliver a production-grade Kubernetes environment.


ClusterOps is a registered trademark of Fairwinds Ops, Inc.

Here's what you'll get.

Accelerate time-to-market

Avoid costly trial and error and extended ramp-up periods. Deploy production grade Kubernetes faster to accelerate time-to-market and drive revenue.


Save money

Gain immediate access to cloud services and implementation expertise, plus 24x7 monitoring and management services without adding staff. Scale workloads efficiently and reliably with Fairwinds' Kubernetes managed services and software.


Deploy with confidence

Rely on Fairwinds to keep your applications highly available, scalable, and secure. Deploy with production-grade infrastructure, Kubernetes security and governance software, and expertise that’s battle-tested across hundreds of production environments.


Focus on differentiation; increase ROI

Fairwinds SREs manage your Kubernetes infrastructure, enabling your team to focus on developing innovative and robust applications and services that grow revenue.

Supplement your team with trusted experts

Gain immediate access to highly skilled SREs with years of Kubernetes experience. Eliminate time spent troubleshooting your infrastructure with Fairwinds.


Gain flexibility

Run your infrastructure without proprietary lock-ins, so you can deploy when, where, and how you want.


Learn more about ClusterOps®

Fairwinds ClusterOps is a complete, fully managed Kubernetes solution in your cloud So you can stop worrying about your infrastructure. See how ClusterOps can help your organization.

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