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ClusterOps Managed Kubernetes

A turnkey, production-grade environment that integrates proven best practices, open source, and Fairwinds software.

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What is ClusterOps? 

ClusterOps is a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster management solution that integrates infrastructure as code, open source software, and SRE expertise as a subscription service. The ClusterOps platform sits between the cloudinfrastructure layer and application workloads so Platform Engineering teams can quickly close the gap between what you get from a cloud provider, and what you need to be production-grade.


Here's what you'll get.

Accelerate time-to-market to drive revenue

Avoid long ramp-times as well as costly trial and error breakdowns that can delay projects and disrupt business plans. Get production grade Kubernetes faster, more reliable, and more secure than any other solution.


Save Money

Gain cloud services expertise, implementation, and 24x7 management for less money than hiring a new infrastructure team. Scale workloads efficiently and reliably with Fairwinds expertise and software tools.


Deploy with confidence

Rely on Fairwinds to keep your applications highly available, scalable, and secure. Fairwinds’ production-grade infrastructure, open source software, and expertise have been battle-tested across hundreds of production environments.


Focus on differentiated value to increase ROI

Fairwinds SREs will manage your infrastructure, enabling your team to spend their time developing robust applications and services to grow revenue. 

Supplement your team with trusted experts

Gain immediate access to highly skilled SREs with years of best practices insights. Cut out the time spent troubleshooting your infrastructure with Fairwinds expertise just a Slack message away.


Gain Flexibility

Fairwinds deploys a trusted open source production stack by default, enabling you to run your infrastructure without proprietary lock-ins. 


Want to Learn More about ClusterOps?

Fairwinds offers a complete, fully managed solution for Kubernetes in your cloud. Stop worrying about your infrastructure. See how ClusterOps can help your organization.

Download the Solution Sheet
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