ClusterOps Managed Service 

A fully managed platform for running reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters.

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A turnkey, production-grade environment that integrates proven best practices, open source, and Fairwinds software

ClusterOps is a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster management tool that integrates infrastructure as code, open source software, and SRE expertise as a subscription service. The ClusterOps platform sits between the cloud infrastructure layer and application workloads so Platform Engineering teams can quickly close the gap between what you get from a cloud provider, and what you need to be production-grade.

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Why ClusterOps?

ClusterOps adds capabilities such as RBAC management, deployment validation, CVE monitoring, security patching, zero-downtime upgrades, and resource optimization to ensure deployments are cost-efficient, highly available, and secure.


How it works

Here's what you'll get.

Close the Kubernetes Infrastructure Gap

Developing a production-ready Kubernetes infrastructure requires testing and adopting additional add-ons necessary to secure, scale, and operate Kubernetes. ClusterOps open source and infrastructure-as-code uses proven, expertly designed architectures that close the gap on what traditional managed Kubernetes solutions deliver out of the box.


Everything as Code

Unlike traditional managed Kubernetes solutions, all ClusterOps infrastructure is built as code. This enables your clusters to be maintained and deployed on-demand in any cloud environment. In addition to a infrastructure-as-code repository, ClusterOps leverages a suite of Fairwinds open source software used to maintain your clusters.


Accelerate Time-to-Market

Avoid expensive trial-and-error and internal proof-of-concept activities that can take months. ClusterOps enables you to leverage the promises of cloud-native technologies so you can automate your development process and enable continuous delivery and deployment pipelines into Kubernetes.


Accelerated product roadmap

High-growth companies must continuously exceed expectations. Put more of your engineering staff on building product, not building infrastructure.


Dedicated SRE Expertise

In addition to ClusterOps infrastructure and open source software, ClusterOps integrates a team of named site reliability engineers into your team by creating a shared Slack channel between both organizations. 


24/7 Monitoring and Proactive Response

A key benefit of a fully managed ClusterOps subscription is 24x7 monitoring that does not wake up your engineers at 3am or require you to build a team of Kubernetes experts just to maintain an on-call schedule.


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Fairwinds offers a complete, fully managed solution for Kubernetes in your cloud. Stop worrying about your infrastructure. See how ClusterOps can help your organization.

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