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Fairwinds Insights Release Notes 11.12-12.2: Spotlight on Automated Fix PRs

This month’s Fairwinds Insights release notes offer a number of bug fixes and also details of our latest enhancements to Automated Fix Pull Requests (PRs) and our new NSA Hardening Compliance Report. Automated Fix PRs allows you to automatically fix many Kubernetes misconfigurations faster, making it easier for dev teams to make misconfiguration fixes quickly and easily. 

This new feature accelerates the remediation of problems, such as security bugs and policy violations, by offering code-level fixes to common Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) issues that often occur in Kubernetes manifests. Automated Fix PRs gives you the ability to fix multiple IaC issues with one click, then review and approve all of your changes in GitHub.To achieve this, we added permissions to our GitHub integration to write to repository contents. This only applies to repositories you connect to Insights via GitHub, and the changes will always occur on a separate branch. This enables you to review the automated fix PRs before deciding to merge.

To learn more, visit the Github permissions and Auto-Scan pages. 

Automated Fix Pull Requests feature in Fairwinds Insights

An analysis of IaC scans showed that this new feature can remediate at least 42% of issues automatically. Getting fixes out quickly can help your teams reduce security risks, increase reliability, and control cloud costs.

NSA Hardening Compliance Report

This month we also added a new NSA Hardening Compliance Report as part of our efforts to support people in implementing NSA recommendations for hardening Kubernetes clusters. This report is available on the Compliance page to help your organization comply with NSA Hardening recommendations. The Insights Agent can automatically check some of the compliance checks for NSA Hardening. For the remaining compliance checks, users can mark the state manually. 

Fairwinds Insights Compliance page with checks for NSA Hardening Compliance Report

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Minor UI fixes in the User Settings pages

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Resources Per Pod chart in Costs was blank

  • Many UI polishes and improvements throughout Insights

  • Fixed an issue with the Captchas on user register

  • Small UI fixes in User Settings

  • Fixed Auto-Scan logs sometimes showing multiple runs

  • New look for the Add Ons page

  • Fixed OPA policies not being blocked by admission controller

  • New Total Savings Available in the Costs page

  • Fixed and issue where sometimes not all filters showing up in Action Items table

  • Removed Cost Strategy option from the Costs settings page

  • Selecting a team in the Action Items table now shows correct Action Items

  • Added a loading indicator in Reports > History

  • Multiple fixes to the Costs page

If you’re not using Fairwinds Insights yet, try out the new tier to explore the Automated Fix PRs functionality and the NSA Hardening Compliance Report. Insights is available for free for environments up to 20 nodes, two clusters, and one repo. Read how to get started with the Insights Free Tier here. To get more details on how to use the newest features and stay up to date with Fairwinds Insights updates, view the release notes.

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