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Fairwinds Insights: Kyverno Integration, Consolidated Recommendations, Release Notes & Office Hours

This month we have lots to update on, including an integration with Kyverno, how we are reducing cognitive load by consolidating resource recommendations, our release notes, and office hours tomorrow, Wednesday 9/19 at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT.

Fairwinds Insights Integration Makes It Easy to Leverage Kyverno at Scale

The new integration with the open source Kubernetes native policy management tool enables Kyverno users to have a single view into cluster health and policy enforcement in the Fairwinds Insights platform. We added the integration to enable platform teams to increase visibility into Kyverno-generated findings by pulling them into a single view with results from Polaris and Open Policy Agent. This makes Kyverno policy findings more useful, actionable, and fixable and enables developers to leverage those findings at scale.

Polaris, Open Policy Agent, and Kyverno Integration

Reducing Cognitive Load: Consolidated Resource Recommendations

Fairwinds is also consolidating existing Action items from Prometheus and Goldilocks into a single finding. With this release, users will now see one Action Item per container in need of right-sizing, instead of up to four separate events when CPU or Memory is Too High or Too Low.

We are consolidating these recommendations into a single event type because it provides you with significant benefits:

  • Reduces information overload - a single Action Item with all resource recommendations in one place, so fewer tickets will be created
  • Accelerates remediation - a single YAML block with all of the request and limit recommendations in one place to make it easier for developers to copy/paste

We also want to share expected behavior and impact ahead of this release:

  • Legacy Action Items will be deleted from the UI. These legacy Action Items go by titles such as “Memory Requests are Too High,” “CPU Limits are Too Low,” and so on.
  • New Action Items - titled “Container should be right-sized” – will appear on the same day as net new findings.
  • Legacy Action Items will appear as “deleted” in the upcoming executive progress reporting feature.
  • Existing third party tickets that were generated from previous Action Items will remain open to minimize the disruption to teams who may already be working on them.
  • Existing Automation Rules tied to legacy Prometheus and Goldilocks Action Items must be updated to reflect the new event type.
  • Existing threshold alerting configurations in the settings.yaml will also require an update to the new event type.

We believe these consolidated recommendations will improve your experience, reduce information overload, and accelerate remediation. We appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you have questions or concerns about this upcoming release.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the user would be taken back to the Install Hub page incorrectly
  • UI polishes to the trend lines and Install Hub
  • Fixed SSO page tab title
  • Fixed secondary nav disappearing on the Automation page on refresh

Have Questions? Join Us for Fairwinds Insights Office Hours or a Demo!

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To get more details on how to use the newest features and stay up to date with Fairwinds Insights updates, read our release notes.