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10 minute read
| May 9, 2024

Answering Your Top 9 Questions About Monitoring in Kubernetes

There are many things you can monitor in Kubernetes but you need to understand what is mission-critical in terms of monitoring. In a recent webinar, we explored what you... Read More
14 minute read
| October 10, 2023

Top 6 Things to Know about Kubernetes Spending (and How to Manage It)

Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy and scale containerized applications quickly and efficiently, and when built in alignment with best practices, it can increase the... Read More
9 minute read
| June 8, 2023

Fairwinds Insights Basics Tutorial: How to Manage Policy at Scale

As the number of apps and services deployed in Kubernetes environments grows, your environment is going to become more complex. Being able to manage policies at scale goes... Read More
8 minute read
| February 7, 2023

Fairwinds Insights Basics Tutorial: How to Install the In-Cluster Agent

First of all, let’s talk about the Fairwinds Insights In-Cluster Agent —what is it, anyway? At Fairwinds, we refer to the Helm chart used to deploy it as the Fairwinds... Read More
4 minute read
| June 22, 2022

Kubernetes Remediation at Scale: Visibility vs. Action

As I work with organizations of all sizes, one theme I run into is that visibility does not equal action. Kubernetes offers a lot of power, but also requires a lot of... Read More