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Danielle Cook is a technical writer at Fairwinds.

5 minute read
| April 12, 2021

Never Should You Ever In Kubernetes: #1 Do K8S The Hard Way

Whether you are new to Kubernetes or have some experience under your belt, there are some things that you should simply never, ever do in Kubernetes. Corey Quinn, founder... Read More
5 minute read
| February 17, 2021

What to Measure and Control in Kubernetes

The Kubernetes Maturity Model includes seven phases that you’ll undertake to achieve full maturity. In phase six, we discuss measurement and control. Read More
14 minute read
| January 29, 2021

Kubernetes Maturity Model: Expected Business Outcomes

When you move to Kubernetes, you must show clear business advantages. The business outcomes expected will include cost savings over time as you have better infrastructure... Read More
4 minute read
| November 24, 2020

Best Industry Insights from KubeCon 2020

Last week the cloud native industry including Fairwinds, a silver sponsor, came together at KubeCon. With many great talks, here is a rundown of some of the best industry... Read More
3 minute read
| November 10, 2020

Introducing the Kubernetes Maturity Model

Whether you are new to Kubernetes or you have deployment experience, Kubernetes has complexity that you’ll need to overcome. At Fairwinds, we have been helping companies... Read More
2 minute read
| October 2, 2020

Afraid of Kubernetes? Here’s Why and What to Do About It.

You’re still afraid of Kubernetes, here’s why, and what to do about it. Fairwinds president, Kendall Miller, breaks down why Kubernetes is new, exciting and nothing to be... Read More
4 minute read
| July 24, 2020

22 Essential Kubernetes Concepts

Cloud native represents a paradigm shift in the way infrastructure is deployed. If you are new to cloud native and Kubernetes, there are 22 essential Kubernetes concepts... Read More
3 minute read
| June 9, 2020

Kubernetes Support

Kubernetes is a leading cloud-native, open source project. As Kubernetes matures, adoption is on the rise with the help of the CNCF pushing cloud native technologies.  Read More
5 minute read
| May 20, 2020

Most Helpful Kubernetes Open Source Projects We Use

Kubernetes itself is one of the best open source contributions - that’s why our team at Fairwinds is 100% committed to the project and the community. Read More
1 minute read
| May 13, 2020

Intro to Kubernetes + How to Deploy a Multi-tiered Web Application

In this four part series, Fairwinds provides an introduction to Kubernetes with some practical definitions and how to workshops on building your first Kubernetes cluster... Read More
20 minute read
| May 11, 2020

How to Deploy a Multi-Tier Web Application with Kubernetes

In the final introduction to Kubernetes series, we’ll take you through how to deploy a multi-tiered web application. The webapp is a key value storage and retrieval... Read More
5 minute read
| May 11, 2020

How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster in GKE

This series is intended for engineers new to Kubernetes and GKE. It provides a basic overview of Kubernetes,  architecture basics and definitions and a quick start for... Read More