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5 Kubernetes Reliability Tips and Tricks to Avoid Downtime

Webinar Recording


Originally recorded on Tuesday January 12, 2021

1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Featured speakers: Kendall Miller, president, and Ivan Fetch, solutions architect at Fairwinds.

Reliability in a Kubernetes environment is synonymous with stability, streamlined development and operations, and a better user experience. In a Kubernetes environment, reliability becomes much easier to achieve with the right configuration. Many factors need to be considered when building a stable and reliable Kubernetes cluster, including the possible need for application changes and changes to cluster configuration. 

Watch this recording to learn:

Setting resource requests and limits,

*Autoscaling pods using a metric that represents application load,
*Using liveness and readiness probes,
*Software solutions for monitoring and enforcing best practices
*And more…

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