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The Journey from Heroku to Kubernetes in 5 Steps: Pre-recorded Webinar

Leveraging a Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a great way to quickly build, innovate, and deploy a new product or service. By leveraging a PaaS vendor’s servers, load balancing, application scaling, and 3rd-party integrations, your engineering team can focus on building customer-facing features that add value to your business.

There comes a point, however, where many organizations outgrow their one-size-fits-all PaaS. Some common reasons include:

  • Performance to Cost Efficiency
  • Control and Customizations
  • Platform Limitations & Available Technologies

At Fairwinds we’re often asked “How do we move from Heroku and still keep some of our most loved features of the platform?

Join the Fairwinds Team as we discuss how we migrate clients from Heroku to Kubernetes. We'll also cover the key considerations and pitfalls when making the transition.

Is your company starting to feel the limitations of your one-size-fits-all PaaS? This webinar will provide you with the right tools and insights to make the transition to Kubernetes.


  • Why it's hard to say goodbye to Heroku
  • What options to consider next
  • How we migrate clients to Kubernetes
  • What to look out for when making a similar move
  • How to move from Heroku and still keep the same great experience