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The Guide To Kubernetes Adoption

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At Fairwinds, our mission is to help companies navigate their journey toward adopting Kubernetes. Every new customer comes to us at a different point along that path.  Some are looking down the road, unsure of what is to come, while others have been traveling a long time and are weary or have lost track of where they are.

The trek is a challenging one! Embracing Kubernetes and Cloud Native practices fully requires technical, cultural and strategic shifts in your organization. This foundational change should not be undertaken lightly or without a plan.

What’s the perfect plan, you ask?  While I could get into the weeds about how your Kubernetes journey will depend on your specific use case and goals, I’d like to share something a little different with you. 

The following user journey is the one we see regularly at Fairwinds. It is a pattern repeated across many different organizations, of all shapes and sizes. My hope is that in unpacking this prototypical journey, you can begin to understand the different phases of Kubernetes adoption, their importance and the challenges involved.

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