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Tanzu Application Services to Kubernetes Migration

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Is your organization feeling stuck using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), now known as Tanzu Application Service (TAS or sometimes VMware Cloud Foundation)? You're not alone. Broadcom completed its acquisition of VMware in late 2023.

To make the most of their acquisition, Broadcom is trying to squeeze money out of VMware — leading to skyrocketing costs for PCF (aka Tanzu) customers. You don’t have to remain bound to PCF, though — you can move to Kubernetes, and we can help. 

Trusted migration partner, training, and managed K8s 

The combined expertise of Fairwinds’ Managed Kubernetes and SuperOrbital's migration and training services will accelerate your time to value and support the move from PCF to K8s by ensuring your infrastructure is reliable and secure without locking you in or increasing your costs.

Learn how you can easily move from PCF to Kubernetes — contact Fairwinds today!


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