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Enterprise Platform

A powerful platform for maintaining secure, reliable, and cost efficient Kubernetes clusters.

Keep your Clusters Secure, Reliable, and Cost Efficient.

Managing a fleet of Kubernetes clusters across an enterprise is a time-intensive process. Ensuring clusters are security, cost efficient, and reliable increases complexity and requires coordination among engineering teams.

Fairwinds Enterprise Platform extends the capabilities of Polaris Teams and enables Platform Engineering teams to manage Day 2 operations for security, cost and cluster reliability from a single pane of glass. 

The Fairwinds Enterprise Platform provides:

  • Unlimited clusters
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scans
  • Polaris multi-cluster reporting
  • Delta reporting
  • Unlimited data retention


  • Kubernetes CVE monitoring
  • Kubernetes security scanning

Cost Management:

  • Kubernetes cost reporting
  • Cost optimizations and recommendations


  • Knowledge base
  • Slack-based support
  • Customer Success Manager

After completing the form, a member of the Fairwinds team will reach out to discuss next steps.

"Using Fairwinds Polaris to scan Kubernetes workloads allows teams to spot potential issues early in the application lifecycle and stay aligned with best practices. Result categorization by Kubernetes namespace in Polaris helps application and infrastructure teams to address configuration issues in parallel, resulting in faster time to production."

Debashis Das | VP of Architecture at Veracode

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