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Fairwinds Launches Open Source Software User Group

Company’s commitment to open source community on display at first meet up on June 17 

Boston, MA – (June 10, 2021)Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes security, policy and governance software backed by a suite of services and open source tooling, has launched its Open Source Software (OSS) User Group to further connect with users of Polaris, Goldilocks, Pluto, Nova, Gemini, Reckoner, rok8s-scripts, rbac manager, rbac lookup and Saffire. The first meet up of the group will be held on Thursday, June 17 at 11 a.m. ET.

“Open source is a core piece of our software strategy at Fairwinds, and we are really excited for this community group where users and our open source developers can exchange ideas,” said Robert Brennan, director of open source at Fairwinds. “The goal of the group is to provide insight into Fairwinds projects, roadmap, and network with other Kubernetes users. Talking with our end users helps us build better open source tools for the Kubernetes community.”

OSS users interested in joining the Fairwinds OSS User Group can register with Fairwinds. The agenda for the June 17th meeting includes: 

  • Update on Polaris 4.0, Fairwinds’ highly popular open source project for validating and enforcing Kubernetes deployments;
  • Review of additional Fairwinds OSS projects designed to help users with Kubernetes
  • Group discussion of projects, challenges, tips and tricks, and success stories

Learn more about Fairwinds’ commitment to the cloud-native community, and its 10 open source projects, here