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Fairwinds Launches Insights 2.0; Platform ‘Shifts Left’ Development Process with Policy-Driven Configuration Validation

CI/CD Integration, OPA Support and Admissions Controller brings Kubernetes Dev and Ops Teams Closer

Boston, MA – (October 20, 2020)Fairwinds, the Kubernetes enablement company, today announced Fairwinds Insights 2.0, an innovative policy-driven configuration validation platform for Kubernetes. Fairwinds Insights 2.0 bridges the gap between development and operations by enabling teams to enforce security, efficiency and cost policies within Kubernetes. Fairwinds Insights 2.0 covers the entire development/deployment lifecycle with newly added capabilities, including Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) integration, Open Policy Agent (OPA) support and an Admission Controller, further helping development and operations teams take advantage of cloud native technologies.

“Fairwinds Insights 2.0 enables ‘shifting left’, giving developers visibility around Kubernetes misconfigurations so that they can be addressed much earlier in the development lifecycle,” said Bill Ledingham, CEO at Fairwinds. “Fairwinds Insights supports DevSecOps, ensuring security is tightly integrated throughout the development process. Teams save time and money with proactive, policy-driven configuration validation, greater visibility into security risks and consistency from development through production.”

Fairwinds Insights 2.0 combines various cloud-native technologies, trusted open source tools and Fairwinds’ own site reliability engineer (SRE) expertise based on hundreds of successful Kubernetes deployments. The software provides a common framework for prioritizing, reporting and remediating issues. Designed to give real-time feedback to both development and operations teams, Fairwinds Insights’s new capabilities include:

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration – CI/CD enables Fairwinds Insights to plug into the software development pipeline at a critical junction point. As developers check in new versions of software, CI tools such as CircleCI, Jenkins, etc. kick off automated building and testing of the software. Fairwinds Insights can run validation checks against these new versions and provide immediate feedback to developers;

  • Open Policy Agent (OPA) Support – Fairwinds Insights now includes a built-in policy engine based on the OPA open source project. This enables teams to implement policies for security, reliability, performance, cost, etc. and to enforce these practices throughout the software development lifecycle, from development to deployment. It provides policy checks, guardrails and enforcement of best practices to ensure consistency across development teams (applications) and operations (infrastructure); and

  • Admission Controller – The Fairwinds Insights Admission Controller provides additional safeguards to prevent problematic containers from being deployed into production clusters. It runs policy checks against the container before the container is deployed. 

To learn more about how Fairwinds Insights 2.0 improves security, reduces costs, saves time and improves reliability, visit https://www.fairwinds.com/insights