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Fairwinds Introduces Nova Open Source Tool to Monitor Kubernetes Deployments

New tool helps keep Kubernetes clusters reliable and secure

Boston, MA – (July 28, 2020)Fairwinds, the Kubernetes enablement company, today introduced Nova, a new open source tool designed to help enterprises keep Kubernetes Helm charts up-to-date and secure. The introduction of Nova aligns with Fairwinds’ deep commitment to the open source community; the company has developed a variety of open source tools including Astro, Pluto and Polaris 1.0, and recently became a member of the Open Invention Network (OIN).

To run production-grade Kubernetes environments, organizations require cluster add-ons, often installed via Helm. These add-ons have their own update schedule and release cadence, and some updates come with critical security patches. Unlike Kubernetes itself, Helm chart updates are incredibly hard to monitor and predict. Fairwinds designed Nova to monitor for updates and create action items for DevOps teams.

Available as an open source tool or through Fairwinds Insights, a configuration validation software platform, Nova cross-checks Helm charts running in each cluster with the latest available version. From there, Nova automatically identifies when a chart is out-of-date or deprecated, so engineers can make sure they are always aware of add-on updates.

“When managing hundreds of clusters, the chances of forgetting to update a particular cluster or misreading an output or failing to act on the results are all but certain at scale,” said Robert Brennan, director of open source at Fairwinds. “Using Nova, organizations are able to operationalize updates automatically and on a regular schedule, then create action items based on the results. By staying on top of the latest releases, Nova helps resolve a burdensome problem and helps to keep clusters more reliable and secure.”

Fairwinds thoughtfully crafts open source software that helps the community build successful Kubernetes architecture and deployments. Learn more at Open Source Built by Fairwinds.