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Fairwinds Insights Automates Kubernetes Self-Service; Accelerates App Delivery and Unlocks 50% ROI for Platform Teams

BOSTON, MA (April 11, 2023)Fairwinds, the leading provider of software for Kubernetes platform engineers to standardize and enable development best practices, continues to update its Fairwinds Insights software, with a focus on helping platform engineering teams make it easy for developers to build and deliver applications. This focus on developer self-service allows app teams to more quickly and efficiently deliver business value on top of a Kubernetes platform. 

According to Gartner®, “by 2026, 80% of software engineering organizations will establish platform teams as internal providers of reusable services, components and tools for application delivery. Platform engineering will ultimately solve the central problem of cooperation between software developers and operators.”*

“Much of the power of Kubernetes to help manage container workloads is lost when platform teams don’t have guardrails in place and need to spend their time fixing misconfigurations. Platform  teams end up working as Kubernetes helpdesks, which is inefficient and costly,” said Danielle Cook, VP of Marketing at Fairwinds. “Fairwinds Insights unlocks the promise of Kubernetes and platform engineering by driving consistency and standardization across teams. This allows platform teams to build an internal developer platform that reduces time spent onboarding developers, while automating tasks that have previously slowed down releases. One of our customers saved 50% of its platform engineering team’s time by using Insights.”

Jordan McCall, Business Analyst at Transact Campus, said, “Our platform engineering team builds modular tools for our dev teams, but all the teams are different in some way. There is an art that goes into making a platform that you don’t have to change much for each team, but that can be enabled for them to self-service. You don’t want to keep having to do the work for development. Using Insights, Dev managers are able to review issues, identify what needs to be fixed and schedule the team effectively. It helps us to show improvements in cluster health, reliability, compliance, and cost efficiency over time.” 

Fairwinds Insights handles business and mission critical tasks by identifying issues and offering remediation advice that makes it easy for developers to do the right thing consistently. Fairwinds Insights:

  • Makes Platform Teams’ Lives Easier - Reduces time spent in code review, enforces consistency and implements out of the box policies and customers’ own opinions with customized policies, and accelerates Kubernetes migration;

  • Gives Developers Relief - Provides automated help to the App Dev team based on established guardrails, identifies why code failed and informs how to remediate issues, and lets devs stay in familiar tools to increase development velocity;

  • Keeps Compliance & Security Happy - Scans workloads for vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in dev through runtime, and enforces security and demonstrates compliance;

  • Demonstrates Responsible Spending - Gives visibility into Kubernetes to allocate and attribute costs to workloads and teams based on usage and availability standards.

Fairwinds Insights is available for free for environments up to 20 notes, two clusters and one repo with an unlimited number of users and 30 days of cost metric retention. 


*Gartner, ‘What Is Platform Engineering?, October 5, 2022.
GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.[K1]