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Fairwinds Extends Support for Kubernetes Cost Rightsizing

Shift-left rightsizing functionality and new network and disk costs added to Fairwinds Insights

Boston, MA and KubeCon NA – (November 7, 2023) Fairwinds, the leading provider of software for platform engineers to standardize Kubernetes and enable governance, today announced a major expansion of Fairwinds Insights that shifts-left container rightsizing functionality. Insights now provides developers with accurate and actionable resource recommendations at the time of pull request, making it the first SaaS-based FinOps solution to eliminate wasted Kubernetes compute before it reaches production.

“While Kubernetes can unlock velocity, a major risk is the inability to measure and reduce container costs easily,” said Joe Pelletier, VP of Product at Fairwinds. “Oftentimes, DevOps teams discover over provisioned workloads months after they are deployed, exposing a threat to cloud budgets. Fairwinds Insights eliminates this tradeoff between speed and cost by giving developers accurate rightsizing recommendations at the exact moment they make the change. Dev teams can fix over-provisioned workloads sooner to avoid unnecessary compute costs.”

Fairwinds Insights  Workload Cost Allocation uses actual cloud spend and container usage to understand historical costs incurred across multiple clusters, aggregations, and custom time periods. In addition to rightsizing recommendations, Insights now includes network traffic and disk usage attribution to provide a more complete picture of application costs.

Pelletier continued, “Organizations need a more complete picture of their critical applications running on Kubernetes. By expanding Fairwinds Insights’ Cost Allocation beyond CPU and memory to include network and disk costs, the entire organization – platform engineers, DevOps and FinOps teams – can get a better understanding of the impact of Kubernetes workloads on their cloud consumption.”

The extended rightsizing functionality follows several enhancements, including integrating Kyverno into Fairwinds Insights' already robust policy engine, allowing users to apply Kubernetes policy management at scale.

Fairwinds Insights is  available for free and within the  AWS Marketplace.